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The Community Dimensions of Learning Object Repositories project aims to identify and analyse the factors that influence practical uptake and implementation of learning object (LO) repositories, with a focus on social and cultural issues in support of Programme Objective ii. It will explore the use of LO repositories within learning communities based within single institutions as well as those that exist across institutions, regionally, nationally and internationally. Diverse learning communities are represented through eight project associates with considerable expertise in the development of LO repositories. The project partners will work closely with these associates to develop and test solutions to emerging requirements in support of uptake and implementation of LOs and LO repositories. Outputs include case studies and reports on a range of technical and process/workflow solutions; structured guidelines; and recommendations for institutional strategy and policy, that will be tested by a wide range of learning communities within a range of use cases. These outputs will be of benefit to the wider FE/HE community, particularly to senior managers and those implementing repositories. There will also be benefits to those engaged in initiatives working with other repository types as the project will collaborate closely with other Repository Programme projects to identify areas where common issues and solutions occur. Project start date: 2005-06-01. Project end date: 2007-05-31. (Excerpt from <a href="http://academy.gcal.ac.uk/cd-lor/">this source</a>)

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