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One of the ways in which we may be able to encourage University students to achieve more in their studies and gain the careers they desire is to enable them to reflect upon their own learning. This process of student reflection may include recognition of their achievements and skills, as well as planning ahead for their personal, educational and career aspirations. A novel and useful tool to assist in the process of reflection is the electronic Portfolio (ePortfolio). ePortfolios are the subject of this project. The ePistle project will investigate the potential of ePortfolio use for student retention and progression in the catchment area of the University of Wolverhampton. It will create the opportunity for groups of students from two local schools and three Further Education colleges to use an ePortfolio system. The project will then investigate the use of ePortfolios by these students in terms of the if, how, what, when and related to this it will uncover how best to embed these into a curriculum. The project will also investigate how ePortfolios are and can be used by both those students wishing to progress along their education path and those institutions who will accept them. The overall aims of this project are twofold. The first is to gain a better understanding of the way in which ePortfolios are used (or not used) by students and how best they can integrated into the curriculum. The second is to observe how ePortfolios are used for assisting progression from one institution to another, by both students and institutions' admissions departments. The outcomes will be: - A set of materials and guidelines which will assist teachers to embed an ePortfolio into the curriculum; - A set of guidelines to frame the use of ePortfolios for accreditation for entry into Higher Education; Policy statement or set of guidelines to frame the use of ePortfolios for accreditation for entry into Higher Education written; - A set of guidelines for the use of ePortfolios in colleges and schools as artefacts to enable learners' transition or progression to other institutions of education; - A policy statement or set of guidelines to frame the issues around storage, and ongoing access of learners' ePortfolios is written and endorsed by ITS and legal team; - A report into the investigation of the issues which affect the use and non-use of e-Portfolios by learners. Project start date: 2005-04-01. Project end date: 2007-07-31. (Excerpt from <a href="https://pims.jisc.ac.uk/projects/view/1041">this source</a>)

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