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This project investigates current and future needs among UKresearch and education community for a more fine-grained authorisation scheme that would allow service providers to take into account of the levels of confidence in identifying a remote entity requesting for service access. Such a fine-grained authorisation scheme is attractive to service providers offering resources with varying levels of sensitivity and/or wishing to tailor their security protections based upon risk levels. Service providers may wish to restrict access to more sensitive resources only to those who have gone through a more stringent authentication process. Aims and objectives: To investigate existing definitions of LoA at the international level; To build community consensus and make proposals with regard to standard definitions of LoA for use within the UKHE sector; To examine the current applications of LoA to various types of resources; To make recommendations for appropriate policies and practices through building community consensus, in using the appropriate LoA as defined by the worth and sensitivity of the resources; To identify any gaps in existing authentication and authorization policies, procedures and infrastructure structure and processes in the use of LoA in long term in the UK education and research community. Project start date: 2006-11-01. Project end date: 2007-10-31. (Excerpt from <a href="http://www.es-loa.org/">this source</a>)

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