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grade project

Conventional scientific method has historically been data-driven and with current technologies the wealth of created data assets has grown dramatically. Despite this importance, however, sharing data is not easy and many researchers have discussed the problems, including: the willingness to share, locating data, mechanisms for sharing and accessing data. Given these problems, the scoping of a Geospatial Repository for Academic Deposit and Extraction (GRADE) seems both necessary and timely. GRADE will investigate and report on the technical and cultural issues around the reuse of geospatial data within the JISC IE in the context of media-centric, informal and institutional repositories. The aim of GRADE is to lay the foundations for a sustainable infrastructure (both cultural and technical) that underwrites the communities' substantial and ongoing investment in the utilisation of geospatial resources within the learning, teaching and research environments of UK academia. Project start date: 2005-06-01. Project end date: 2007-01-19. (Excerpt from <a href="http://edina.ac.uk/projects/grade">this source</a>)

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