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The LIFE project supports repositories and preservation by analysing costs of digital curation and lifecycle management. LIFE2 will build on this by: 1) Refining the LIFE methodology for the analysis and costing of the lifecycle of digital objects; 2) Providing a cross section of exemplar Case Studies, both to inform the LIFE methodology and to provide a benchmark for comparison and evaluation; 3) Enable HE and FE institutions to apply the LIFE methodology simply and easily to their own collections, and thus to evaluate and compare their activities in order to inform planning and increase workflow efficiency; 4) Compare, contrast and analyse the lifecycle costs of paper and digital collections, informing the use of differing approaches to preservation and access via digital and other surrogate technologies; 5) Identify where efficiencies can be made in the lifecycle costs of digital materials and provide guidance to funding bodies in areas such as preservation services and preservation tools; 6) Disseminate project findings and enable take up of the LIFE methodology. The project is managed by University College London (UCL), in partnership with The British Library, the SHERPA-LEAP Consortium, SHERPA-DP and the Medical Research Council. Project start date: 2007-03-01. Project end date: 2008-08-29. (Excerpt from <a href="http://www.life.ac.uk/">this source</a>)

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