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my references

Based on work to date under D2D, this project aims to develop a demonstrator of `My References'. Through this demonstrator, Copac users would be able to aggregate, tag and annotate resources from all services and maintain them separately in their desired web 2.0 contexts. The user will be able to get an Atom feed of the records they've saved with the long-term potential to manage their collection of records within Copac or a suitable APP client outside of the Copac web site - for instance a VLE, blog, RSS reader, or clients such as Netvibes. We will also investigate how this technology can be applied in the Shibboleth authentication environment across services and search sessions over time. Project start date: 2009-03-02. Project end date: 2009-12-29. (Excerpt from <a href="https://pims.jisc.ac.uk/projects/view/1538">this source</a>)

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