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NoSQL (read sometimes as noseequel) is a relational database management system that is fast and portable. It is a shell-level tool. NoSQL runs under the UNIX operating system. In contrast to the NoSQL concept, which proposes distributed data stores that cannot use SQL at all, NoSQL intentionally avoids the usage of this language. NoSQL uses the operator-stream paradigm, where a number of "operators" perform a unique function on the passed data. The stream used is supplied by the UNIX input/output redirection system so that over the pipe system, the result of the calculation can be passed to other operators. As UNIX pipes run in memory, it is a very efficient way of implementation. NoSQL is written mostly in interpretive languages that makes it not the fastest RDBMS. (Excerpt from <a href="http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NoSQL_(RDBMS)">Wikipedia article: NoSQL</a>)

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