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SCRAN and System Simulation Ltd are partners in the Go-pix! project, which will deliver an image portal demonstrator to JISC by the end of October. The demonstrator will be a fully functional portal, enabling cross-searching across eight image collections. The project will be managed in two phases. Phase 1 will result in an interim demonstrator, integrating an initial set of collections. We will test the interim demonstrator and carry out user evaluation at the end of phase 1. Our findings will then inform the further development of the portal through phase 2 and the integration of the remaining collections. During the final part of phase 2, we will write a project implementation report and specifications for a full image portal. Aims and Objectives: We aim to build a fully operational, highly functional demonstrator image portal, providing a suitable platform and basis to examine the issues and validity of implementing a full service. The project also aims to show how a full-service image portal can be used across further and higher education to enrich and develop the learning and research process. The demonstrator will be underpinned by interoperable standards, enabling a range of searching/browsing and viewing functions across the eight image collections. We will explore - and implement where we can - possibilities and good practice in portal development, so that the demonstrator can meet the highest standards of usability. Project start date: 2003-01-01. Project end date: 2003-10-31. (Excerpt from <a href="https://pims.jisc.ac.uk/projects/view/470">this source</a>)

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