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secure project

Project SECURe (Secure Environment for Certificated Use of Resources) addresses three strands investigating the issues laid out in the JISC call and the wider Sparta requirements for next-generation access management in order to achieve solutions to a range of authentication and authorisation issues, in particular the problems posed by mobile users and the use of shared workstations. Strand 1: Implementation of authorisation to external resources via Shibboleth. This strand will build on work already begun by LSE through the work of the ANGEL project and involvement with the Internet2 Middleware Initiative. Strand 2: An institution-wide deployment of PKI and authentication using personal digital certificates. This will investigate issuing and revocation issues for users of sole use PCs (where the certificate can be held on the PC) and users of public access PCs. Strand 3: Small user group trial of certificate carrying devices such as smartcards and USB devices. This will investigate the general benefits of each device beyond certificate carrying, and the benefits and drawbacks of different device use for the individual user and the institution. Project start date: 2002-11-01. Project end date: 2004-07-30. (Excerpt from <a href="http://www.angel.ac.uk/SECURe/">this source</a>)

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