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recruitment toolkit

A large proportion of JISC projects need to recruit new staff. Failure to secure the right resource in a timely manner can have a significant effect on projects achieving the project objectives. Many members of the repository community have limited experience of recruiting staff for projects, and no comprehensive central toolkit is available to assist them in doing it. JISC has therefore commissioned Brunton Consulting to prepare a tailored recruitment toolkit to assist projects in identifying, selecting and recruiting the right people in a timely manner to enable project objectives to be achieved. Brunton Consulting will engage the community to gather issues, identify resources that may be useful and to test the toolkit that is produced. The project will also produce training resources for using the final toolkit. Project start date: 2008-12-03. Project end date: 2009-03-31. (Excerpt from <a href="https://pims.jisc.ac.uk/projects/view/1193">this source</a>)

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