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This work will investigate metadata application profile requirements for learning materials in relation to digital repositories. This follows the development of an ePrints application profile undertaken within the JISC Digital Repositories Programme and led by Andy Powell (Eduserv Foundation) and Julie Allinson (RRT UKOLN) on behalf of JISC. Application profiles for images, time based media and Geospatial are also being developed. As 'learning materials" encompass a much wider range of resource types than these other activities, and as there is a range of related specifications (e.g. Content Packaging, Learning Design, QTI) to be taken into consideration, it follows that this particular scoping study may require a different approach to that taken by the ePrints profile. It is proposed that the learning materials application profiles scoping study should synthesize and analyse the advice that is currently available to managers of repositories of educational materials who need to define a metadata element set to describing the resources in their collections. A typical collection of learning materials is likely to include a wide range of resource types (e.g. images, web pages, digital media, assessment items) all of which require description. In addition there are other factors such as accessibility and preservation that may need to be considered when describing resources. Most domains and resource types have developed their own specialised metadata and have their own perception of the minimum effort required for best practice. Project start date: 2007-12-01. Project end date: 2008-06-30. (Excerpt from <a href="http://www.icbl.hw.ac.uk/lmap/">this source</a>)

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