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The Randall Division of Cell and Molecular Biophysics is a strongly interdisciplinary research division in the School of Biomedical & Health Sciences at King's College London. The Division includes a variety of research groups addressing different topics within this field. The BRIL project aims to enhance the repository facilities at the Randall Division by: o Embedding the repository within the researchers' day-to-day research and experimental practices. o Allowing data and metadata to be captured in automated fashion, for example from equipment or processing and analysis software o Allowing the structure of experimental processes as a whole to be captured, modelled and stored within the repository, rather than just the individual data sets. o Enhancing browse and access facilities so that users can explore and re-use these complex representations, and data exchange facilities to increase interoperability with other repositories in biomedical disciplines. o Integrating the repository into the wider King's infrastructure, and in particular the Institutional preservation practices and policies As well as enhancing this specific repository to address the needs and practices of the targeted research groups, we will also ensure that the architecture and software components produced are sufficiently generic and can be exploited and enhanced in other disciplines and institutions. Project start date: 2009-04-01. Project end date: 2011-03-01. (Excerpt from <a href="https://pims.jisc.ac.uk/projects/view/1308">this source</a>)

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