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education portal

Education, as a subject, is covered in part by the subject gateways that form the JISC's Resource Discovery Network. A coherent coverage of education, however, is best met through a separate treatment of the subject. The British Education Internet Resource Catalogue and British Education Portal will strengthen coverage in this area and complement the existing RDN hubs. In turn, the project will benefit from the experience and documentation of the hubs and from the results of the Subject Portals Development Project (also funded as part of the DNER Development Programmes). The project's overriding aim is to improve access to, and use of, information relating to educational issues. The specific objectives are to: Establish an internet resource catalogue (IRC) and, subsequently, a Portal to a range of resources supporting educational research, policy and practice; Build on the strengths of selected databases managed by the British Education Index office to furnish Portal content; Establish means for institutions to supply content for the IRC and portal databases; Evaluate the impact of the new resources on information seeking behaviour within key user groups. Project start date: 2000-10-01. Project end date: 2004-10-31. (Excerpt from <a href="http://www.leeds.ac.uk/bei/">this source</a>)

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