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THESEUS, Germany's largest IT research program, is developing ways to navigate through the increasing quantities of data found on the Internet. Under the THESEUS umbrella, some 60 research partners from academia and the business world have come together to develop new technologies and applications. Their goal is to facilitate access to information, combine data to form new kinds of knowledge and lay the groundwork for new services on the Internet. The technologies being developed within the THESEUS program are preparing the way for a future Internet of Services. This will make it possible for services that are now available on the Web only separately, such as online shopping, flight bookings and research support, to be combined and linked with one another. If a user were then to tell his computer: 'I want to move from Berlin to Hamburg,' the program would identify and coordinate the appropriate resources for finding housing, organizing the move and registering with the authorities. (Excerpt from <a href="http://www.theseus-programm.de/en-us/home/default.aspx">this source</a>)

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