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remap project

The REMAP project is investigating the use of a digital repository to support the embedding of records management and digital preservation within the context of a UK Higher Education institution. The REMAP project has the following aims: - develop Records Management and Digital Preservation (RMDP) workflow(s) in order to understand how a digital repository can support these activities; - embed digital repository interaction within working practices for RMDP purposes; - further develop the use of a WSBPEL orchestration tool to work with external Web services, including the PRONOM Web services, to provide appropriate metadata and file information for RMDP; - develop and test a notification layer that can interact with the orchestration tool and allow RSS syndication to individuals alerting them to RMDP tasks; - develop and test an intermediate persistence layer to underpin the notification layer and interact with the WSBPEL orchestration tool to allow orchestrated workflows to take place over time; - test and validate the use of the enhanced WSBPEL tool with institutional staff involved in RMDP activities These aims will feed into and help achieve the project's objectives: - raise the profile of records management and digital preservation and how it can become a part of regular working practices through interaction with a digital repository; - better understand how WSBPEL can be used in a real world scenario to support records management and digital preservation; - test and demonstrate how the Fedora digital repository system can be used to support records management and digital preservation within institutional practices . The REMAP project will build on the work of an earlier JISC-funded project at the University of Hull: RepoMMan. The RepoMMan project developed a tool that could be integrated into a user's workflow to allow easy interaction with an institutional repository. The repository is thereby available as part of the development process for materials as well as being a showcase for the finished product. Project start date: 2008-04-01. Project end date: 2009-03-31. (Excerpt from <a href="http://www.hull.ac.uk/remap/index.html">this source</a>)

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