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ShareGeo will integrate the geospatial data sharing facility of the GRADE demonstrator repository into the EDINA Digimap Collections suite of services for use by registered Digimap users. As part of the 2005 Digital Repositories' Programme, JISC funded the scoping of a geospatial repository for academic deposit and extraction (GRADE) project. GRADE investigated a number of issues relating to the role repositories including developing a demonstrator repository. This project will build upon the work of the demonstrator GRADE repository and will implement a facility within the EDINA Digimap Collections suite of services that will allow registered Digimap users to share and re-use derived geospatial datasets. The project will build upon the work previously done for the GRADE project while implementing the facility using the latest version of the DSpace software and later versions of supporting libraries such as for validating spatial datasets. As well as technical developments there will be work done on clarifying the data deposit and download policy and improved help provided to users. The project output will be a facility accessed from within Digimap that allows users to deposit and extract (i.e. share) geospatial datasets. The repository will be based on the DSpace, an open-source repository platform. Project start date: 2008-03-01. Project end date: 2008-09-30. (Excerpt from <a href="http://edina.ac.uk/projects/sharegeo/">this source</a>)

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