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Overview of all keyword tags in articles

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This page provides an overview of 2 tags, ordered by trending factor. Column headings allow re-sorting by other criteria. In the expanding tab below you can adjust filters to display sub-sets of tags and narrow the focus to specific items of interest (see FAQs on filtering for usage tips). Select this link to remove all filters.

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DSpace is an open source software package that provides the tools for management of digital assets, and is commonly used as the basis for an institutional repository. It supports a wide variety of data, including books, theses, 3D digital scans of objects, photographs, film, video, research data sets and other forms of content. The data is arranged as community collections of items, which bundle bitstreams together. (Excerpt from Wikipedia article: Dspace)

Percentage of Ariadne articles tagged with this term: 4.6%.
81 597 0.6


VLEs have proved to be useful tools in facilitating staff in organising educational resources and activities in a hierarchical structure representing the structure of Programmes and Units. While they are excellent vehicles for delivery of materials, they are not ideal mechanisms for the management and curation of materials. There is an urgent need for a repository which focuses on the educational process and the storage, retrieval and sharing of educational materials which can be used to populate VLEs. The University of Southampton has taken the strategic decision to develop a repository for educational materials using its own well-established EPrints research repository software as the mechanism. The aim is to use a co-design process approach both to specify and to implement the details of the system which will be deliverable and sustainable. This will extend and embed the EPrints software within the educational domain. In doing so, the project will develop a richer understanding of processes of institutional change and integration at both a strategic and discipline level. Project start date: 2007-11-01. Project end date: 2009-03-01. (Excerpt from this source)

Percentage of Ariadne articles tagged with this term: 0.1%.
1 5

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