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iri scotland

The purpose of the project is - with a view to supporting the Scottish research agenda at both institutional and national (Scottish) level - to: Explore - in collaboration with university senior managers and researchers - ways of bringing about cultural and organisational change by developing institutional research publication policies, procedures and mechanisms, as well as workflows to assist individual researchers, conducive to the promotion of self-archiving in institutional open access repositories; Develop a broad framework for a distributed institutional repository infrastructure for Scottish research and experiment with both a collective hosting repository, in particular for smaller institutions that may not wish to set up their own institutional repositories, and a cross-repository search facility capable of dealing with a wide range of research and research-related digital objects; Identify what can be more effectively done centrally - and whether this should be done at a national Scottish level or a national UK-wide level - or locally at institutional level, taking account of relevant international developments to ensure that the Scottish infrastructure is globally interoperable. Project start date: 2005-06-01. Project end date: 2007-05-31. (Excerpt from <a href="http://www.iriscotland.lib.ed.ac.uk/">this source</a>)

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