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The e-Map Scholar project was part of the Enhancing JISC data services for Teaching and Learning project cluster, with a focus on improving use of existing JISC owned resources through the JISC data services for learning and teaching. Digimap is a JISC-funded Web service that delivers Ordnance Survey (OS) cartographic products and digital map data across the Internet via a simple-to-use interface. Building on a successful JISC-funded Electronic Libraries (eLib) project, it provides convenient, on-demand access to some of the best and most detailed map data available anywhere in the world. e-Map Scholar aimed to support both those learners who need to progress to using these software packages, and also those whose needs are more simple: to understand how to use geo-spatial data more effectively. e-Map Scholar aimed to promote and enhance the use of digital map data in learning and teaching, by developing resources applicable to all geo-spatial data available to the academic community and to enable staff to provide new, exciting and adaptive learning materials using geo-spatial data. Project start date: 2001-01-01. Project end date: 2003-05-01. (Excerpt from <a href="http://edina.ac.uk/projects/mapscholar/index.html">this source</a>)

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