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The Stargate project, based at the Centre for Digital Library Research at the University of Strathclyde, will explore the use of static repositories as a means of exposing publisher metadata to OAI-based disclosure, discovery and alerting services within the JISC IE and beyond. Static repositories were developed as an alternative to fully fledged OAI-compliant repositories and have been implemented successfully within the Open Language Archives Community as a means of widening participation in OAI-based systems and services. The project builds on the successful use of static repositories by HaIRST project in JISC's FAIR programme. It also builds on the technical architecture developed by Heriot Watt University in their PALS I project OAI-compliant metadata repository for a specialist publisher of e-journals. The project's primary aim will be to lower the technical barriers to the implementation of OAI-compliant repositories, thereby enabling small publishers of electronic resources to participate more readily in OAI-based disclosure and delivery services within the JISC IE and beyond. Specifically, it will implement a series of static repositories of publisher metadata, demonstrate the interoperability of the exposed metadata through harvesting and cross-searching via a static repository gateway, and conduct a critical evaluation of the static repository approach with publishers and service providers. The project has two key objectives to: build an interoperability demonstrator based around the static repository gateway developed in the HaIRST project and dovetailing with the OAI-based architecture developed in PALS I; develop tools and guidelines that will facilitate the implementation of static repositories by small publishers that wish to expose their metadata to OAI-based services. Project start date: 2005-10-01. Project end date: 2006-05-31. (Excerpt from <a href="http://cdlr.strath.ac.uk/stargate/">this source</a>)

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