Editorial Introduction to Issue 2

John Kirriemuir introduces Ariadne issue 2.

Hi, and welcome to issue 2 of Ariadne on the World Wide Web. This issue is particulary diverse in terms of the scope of subjects covered. For example, Charles Oppenheim details some of the legal issues associated with electronic copyright management systems, while Tracey Stanley compares Alta Vista and Lycos, the two main Web-based search engines and Sarah Ormes gives an accurate overview of just how well connected to the Internet public libraries are.

After listening to feedback, we have made several changes to the format and content updating within Ariadne. The most notable of these are:

  • There is now an Update Board. This logs any update, alteration, or addition made to Ariadne on the Web, such as new articles, reviews or news being added, articles in previous editions being changed and so forth. If you are a regular visitor to Ariadne, then log this page on your bookmark list and use it to quickly see when new or updated material has been added to this or any back issue of Ariadne.
  • We have moved (experimentally) towards a one-page article layout, even for the longer articles. This makes it easier to print out articles, and also makes them easier to read (in terms of not having the flow of reading interrupted by having to load another section). However, we are aware of the variable speed of networking; if you find this approach to article layout makes downloading unacceptably slow, please tell us.
  • Web sites, books and literature will be reviewed in the same section.
  • Issues will, from issue 2, be updated and added to between issue launches (this is partially why we brought in an Update Board). The section that will see the most activity will be the news section, which we hope to update a couple of times every fortnight (depending on us getting news :-).

We hope you enjoy the articles relevant to your discipline in Ariadne; please send us feedback.

Tatty Bye,
John Kirriemuir,
22nd March 1996

ps Good luck to Nick Park in the Oscars tonight.

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Tuesday, 19 March 1996
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