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#ukmedlibs. feature article brighton and sussex nhs library and knowledge service, feature article, great western hospitals nhs foundation trust, holly case, sam burgess, surrey and sussex nhs trust, tom roper, issue75 issue75
'Does He Take Sugar?': The Risks of Standardising Easy-to-read Language feature article accessibility, algorithm, alistair mcnaught, alt, alt-c, bbc, blog, brian kelly, bs8878, dissemination, doi, dominik lukes, e-learning, feature article, framework, google, higher education, internet explorer, jisc, jisc techdis, multimedia, operating system, rdwg, research, search technology, software, standards, ukoln, university of bath, vocabularies, w3c, wcag, web 2.0, web accessibility initiative, web resources, issue70 issue70
10 Cheap and Easy Ways to Amplify Your Event feature article amplified event, archives, avi, beginners guide to digital preservation, blog, copyright, creative commons, digital preservation, dissemination, eduserv, elluminate, facebook, feature article, flickr, google, hashtag, intellectual property, internet archive, jisc, jisc powr project, licence, marieke guy, metadata, mobile, mobile phone, mp4, mpeg, netvibes, odp, open source, opml, pageflakes, podcast, powr, preservation, qik, remote working, research, rss, search technology, software, storify, streaming, tagging, twitter, ukoln, university of bath, usb, ustream, video, web development, webinar, wiki, wordpress, youtube, issue66 issue66
10 Years of Zetoc feature article aggregation, authentication, bibliographic data, british library, cataloguing, cloud computing, copac, data, database, dner, feature article, further education, google, google scholar, harvard university, heriot-watt university, hewlett-packard, higher education, identifier, jane ronson, jisc, loughborough university, mimas, my references, national library, national library of wales, nhs, open access, openurl, personalisation, repositories, research, resource discovery, rss, sconul, search technology, shibboleth, soap, software, sru, stanford university, suncat, tag cloud, tictocs, university of chester, university of manchester, university of surrey, z39.50, zetoc, issue66 issue66
10th Annual Anglo-Nordic Seminar event report archives, bibliographic control, bibliographic data, british library, cataloguing, copyright, de montfort university, digital library, dublin core, elib, event report, framework, ftp, higher education, hypertext, infrastructure, kelly russell, lund university, marc, metadata, national library, oclc, opac, oxford university press, research, resource discovery, schema, search technology, software, ukoln, unicode, university of oxford, z39.50, issue6 issue6
10th CETIS-TechDis Accessibility Special Interest Group Meeting event report accessibility, ann chapman, becta, cerlim, cetis, data, e-learning, event report, flash, higher education, html, ibm, ims, java, jorum, loughborough university, manchester metropolitan university, metadata, mobile, passwords, perl, rnib, software, staffordshire university, ukoln, university of wales, university of york, usability, usb, vle, w3c, issue43 issue43
21st-century Scholarship and Wikipedia feature article amber thomas, archives, bbc, becta, blog, british library, data, dewey decimal, e-learning, feature article, framework, further education, google scholar, higher education, identifier, infrastructure, jisc, jorum, linked data, myexperiment, oer, open access, open education, open source, open university, orcid, rdf, repositories, research, search technology, semantic web, smartphone, software, ukoln, university of warwick, uri, web 2.0, wiki, wikipedia, issue70 issue70
23 Things in Public Libraries feature article archives, bbc, blog, cataloguing, cloud computing, database, facebook, feature article, file sharing, flickr, google, google wave, helen leech, imperial college london, instant messaging, librarything, mobile, podcast, rss, search technology, social networks, software, tagging, twitter, university of huddersfield, url, video, web 2.0, wiki, wikipedia, youtube, issue64 issue64
23rd International CODATA Conference event report accessibility, alex ball, algorithm, api, archives, bibliographic data, big data, blog, cataloguing, cloud computing, codata, creative commons, crm, curation, data, data citation, data management, data mining, data model, data set, data visualisation, database, datacite, dcc, dealing with data, digital archive, digital curation, digitisation, dissemination, doi, dvd, e-learning, elsevier, europeana, event report, facebook, framework, geospatial data, gis, google maps, handle system, icsu, identifier, infrastructure, intellectual property, interoperability, java, jisc, knowledge base, knowledge management, library of congress, licence, linux, lod, metadata, mobile, moodle, national academy of sciences, niso, oais, oer, ojims, ontologies, open access, open data, open source, operating system, optical character recognition, orcid, portfolio, preservation, privacy, provenance, repositories, research, restful, royal meteorological society, search technology, sharepoint, sheffield hallam university, smartphone, software, standardisation, standards, stm, tagging, ukoln, university college london, university of bath, university of edinburgh, university of queensland, university of washington, usb, video, visualisation, vocabularies, web resources, web services, widget, wiki, xml, xmpp, issue70 issue70
24 Hour Museum: From Past to Future feature article accessibility, aggregation, ahrc, api, archives, bbc, content management, data, database, digital media, feature article, further education, google, html, infrastructure, interoperability, jon pratty, knowledge management, metadata, mla, oai, portal, research, rss, search technology, semantic web, soap, software, syndication, tagging, university of cambridge, university of leicester, url, vocabularies, web 2.0, web services, widget, wikipedia, windows, xml, issue52 issue52
2nd International DCC Conference 2006: Digital Data Curation in Practice event report ahds, alex ball, algorithm, application profile, archives, badc, bibliographic data, blog, coalition for networked information, codata, copyright, creative commons, curation, data, data management, data mining, data set, database, dcc, digital archive, digital curation, digital library, digital preservation, droid, dspace, e-science, ebank uk, event report, file format, flickr, framework, frbr, html, infrastructure, irods, java, jisc, johns hopkins university, manjula patel, massachusetts institute of technology, metadata, national library, niso, open access, open data, open source, preserv, preservation, r4l, repositories, research, sherpa, software, the national archives, ukoln, university of bath, university of cambridge, university of chicago, university of edinburgh, university of glasgow, university of illinois, university of liverpool, university of southampton, university of stirling, web services, wiki, issue50 issue50
2nd International Symposium on Networked Learner Support event report elib, event report, higher education, research, sarah ashton, university of sheffield, issue9 issue9
5 Step Guide to Becoming a Content Provider in the JISC Information Environment feature article access control, aggregation, andy powell, archives, authentication, bath profile, bbc, bibliographic data, content packaging, content provider, cookie, data, database, digital object identifier, digital repositories, doi, dublin core, eprints, feature article, further education, geospatial data, gis, ibm, identifier, ims, ims content packaging, internet explorer, interoperability, jisc, jisc information environment, learning objects, marc, metadata, mimas, oai, oai-pmh, open access, open archives initiative, openurl, passwords, portal, purl, rdf, repositories, research, resource discovery, rss, search technology, service registry, sfx, simple dublin core, soap, south bank university, srw, subject portals project, ukoln, university of bath, uri, url, web services, xml, z39.50, zblsa, issue33 issue33
A Brief History of the American Library Association Web Site feature article american library association, database, feature article, gopher, graphics, html, information society, library association, research, rob carlson, university of illinois, web development, issue7 issue7
A Bug's Life?: How Metaphors from Ecology Can Articulate the Messy Details of Repository Interactions feature article archives, bibliographic data, blog, bpmn, business process modelling, cetis, creative commons, d-lib magazine, digital library, dissemination, dspace, dublin core, e-learning, eprints, feature article, fedora commons, flickr, identifier, institutional repository, internet explorer, jisc, jisc information environment, mahendra mahey, metadata, oai, oai-pmh, open access, phil barker, preservation, r. john robertson, repositories, repositories research team, research, sherpa, social networks, software, sword protocol, ukoln, uml, university of bath, university of strathclyde, web 2.0, issue57 issue57
A Desk Too Far?: The Case for Remote Working feature article blog, coventry university, data, e-business, e-learning, feature article, harvard university, higher education, infrastructure, instant messaging, jisc, liw, marieke guy, mobile, remote working, research, rss, standards, ukoln, university of bath, university of oxford, video, web 2.0, wiki, wikipedia, issue56 issue56
A Digital Library Showcase and Support Service - the Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE review archives, bibliographic data, cataloguing, copyright, digital library, dublin core, ead, file format, free software, gopher, html, identifier, infrastructure, intellectual property, library of congress, metadata, oclc, plain text, preservation, repositories, research, review, roy tennant, search technology, sgml, software, standards, sun microsystems, university of california berkeley, issue10 issue10
A Double-edged Sword: What Are the Implications of Freedom of Information for the HE Sector? event report amy gibbons, archives, blog, copyright, data, data set, dissemination, event report, foi, foia, framework, hefce, higher education, infrastructure, intellectual property, jisc, kings college london, open access, privacy, queens university belfast, research, research information network, social networks, sword protocol, the national archives, university college london, university of central lancashire, university of east anglia, issue67 issue67
A DRY CRIG Event for the IE Demonstrator event report aberystwyth university, api, blog, controlled vocabularies, data, data set, database, digital library, edina, event report, geospatial data, gis, google, handle system, higher education, identifier, infrastructure, institutional repository, internet explorer, interoperability, java, jisc, jisc information environment, lcsh, licence, metadata, mimas, oai, oai-ore, ordnance survey, paul walk, persistent identifier, preservation, privacy, python, repositories, research, restful, search technology, semantic web, skos, soap, software, ukoln, university of bath, university of edinburgh, university of glamorgan, university of manchester, university of strathclyde, url, vocabularies, web services, issue56 issue56
A Dublin Core Application Profile for Scholarly Works feature article aggregation, andy powell, ansi, application profile, archives, bibliographic data, copyright, data, dcmi, dissemination, dspace, dublin core, dublin core metadata initiative, eduserv, eprints, eprints uk, feature article, fedora commons, foaf, framework, frbr, gnu, hypertext, identifier, ifla, interoperability, intute, jisc, julie allinson, library of congress, licence, marc, metadata, namespace, niso, oai, oai-pmh, oasis, open access, open archives initiative, openurl, perx, pete johnston, rdf, relax ng, repositories, repositories research team, research, schema, search technology, semantic web, simple dublin core, software, ukoln, university of bath, uri, vocabularies, w3c, wiki, xml, xml schema, z39.88, issue50 issue50


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