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Planet SOSIG: A New Internet Role for Europe's Librarians regular column browser, cataloguing, database, elib, emma worsfold, hypertext, information retrieval, infrastructure, national library, national library of the netherlands, regular column, research, search technology, software, sosig, subject gateway, url, issue9 issue9
Public Libraries Corner: MODELS 5 Workshop Report and Futures regular column authentication, bibliographic data, british library, cni, dublin core, elib, framework, higher education, interoperability, jisc, library management systems, regular column, research, resource discovery, resource sharing, sarah ormes, ukoln, university of bath, issue9 issue9
Search Engines Corner: Alta Vista LiveTopics regular column browser, data, database, elib, internet explorer, java, plain text, regular column, search technology, software, theseus, tracey stanley, ukoln, university of leeds, web browser, web standards, windows, issue9 issue9
Web Access for the Disabled - HOTmetal PRO Helps to Bring Access to the Web regular column accessibility, cathy murtha, regular column, software, w3c, windows, issue9 issue9
OMNI-Corner: Read All about It regular column archives, elib, mrc, regular column, research, search technology, sue welsh, web resources, web services, issue9 issue9
Wire: Interview Via Email With Jon Knight and Martin Hamilton regular column acorn, archives, browser, cache, cataloguing, cd-rom, data, database, elib, ftp, gopher, graphics, html, internet explorer, java, javascript, jon knight, latex, linux, loughborough university, martin hamilton, metadata, ncsa, oclc, opac, perl, regular column, research, resource discovery, search technology, sgml, software, sosig, standards, talis, url, web browser, windows, issue9 issue9
Down Your Way: University of Bath regular column hefce, isobel stark, regular column, ukoln, university of bath, issue9 issue9
View from the Hill: Anne Dixon regular column aggregation, amy tucker, anne dixon, archives, content provider, dirac, elsevier, hefce, higher education, institute of physics, licence, regular column, research, software, issue9 issue9
Around the Table: Social Sciences regular column archives, australian national university, bibliographic data, cataloguing, council of european social science data archives, data, data set, database, debra hiom, edina, elib, ftp, mailbase, regular column, research, search technology, sosig, university of essex, university of southampton, web resources, issue9 issue9
Interface: Dr Isola Ajiferuke regular column infrastructure, regular column, research, resource sharing, robert gordon university, sheona farquhar, software, standardisation, windows, issue9 issue9
Minotaur: David Allen and Tom Wilson regular column david allen, higher education, identifier, infrastructure, regular column, tom wilson, university of sheffield, issue9 issue9
2nd International Symposium on Networked Learner Support event report elib, event report, higher education, research, sarah ashton, university of sheffield, issue9 issue9
Elvira 4: May 1997, Milton Keynes event report algorithm, cache, cataloguing, copyright, data, database, de montfort university, edinburgh napier university, elib, event report, framework, griffith university, higher education, hypertext, ian bloor, identifier, infrastructure, licence, london school of economics, loughborough university, multimedia, ocr, opac, privacy, research, search technology, software, ukoln, university of bath, university of bristol, university of kent, university of leeds, university of stirling, university of the west of england, video, windows, issue9 issue9
The Eighth ACM International Hypertext Conference event report elib, event report, hypertext, infrastructure, liverpool john moores university, nick gibbins, research, university of edinburgh, video, web development, issue9 issue9
Cartoon odds and ends alt, gif, malcolm campbell, odds and ends, ukoln, issue9 issue9
Clifford Lynch in Interview feature article arl, authentication, bibliographic data, bibliographic database, british library, browser, cache, cd-rom, clifford lynch, cni, coalition for networked information, copyright, data, database, dublin core, feature article, framework, ftp, information retrieval, infrastructure, john kirriemuir, library management systems, metadata, oclc, pics, research, search technology, software, ukoln, web browser, z39.50, issue10 issue10
Web Editorial: Goodbyeee editorial acorn, digital library, dublin core, editorial, eevl, elib, groovy, higher education, ilrt, jisc, john kirriemuir, metadata, niss, research, search technology, sosig, ukoln, issue10 issue10
Print Editorial: Introduction to Issue 10 editorial bibliographic data, cataloguing, copyright, editorial, information society, john maccoll, metadata, search technology, issue10 issue10
Changing the Lightbulb – Er, the Culture: How Many eLib Projects Does It Take to Change the Higher Education Culture? feature article alison scammell, clare davies, copyright, de montfort university, e-learning, elib, feature article, higher education, jisc, matthew hall, odp, research, subject gateway, issue10 issue10
Cybercollege Scorecard: How Does Your University Score? feature article bbc, cataloguing, cd-rom, e-learning, feature article, higher education, html, java, microsoft, multimedia, opac, tony durham, videoconferencing, issue10 issue10


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