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10 Cheap and Easy Ways to Amplify Your Event feature article amplified event, archives, avi, beginners guide to digital preservation, blog, copyright, creative commons, digital preservation, dissemination, eduserv, elluminate, facebook, feature article, flickr, google, hashtag, intellectual property, internet archive, jisc, jisc powr project, licence, marieke guy, metadata, mobile, mobile phone, mp4, mpeg, netvibes, odp, open source, opml, pageflakes, podcast, powr, preservation, qik, remote working, research, rss, search technology, software, storify, streaming, tagging, twitter, ukoln, university of bath, usb, ustream, video, web development, webinar, wiki, wordpress, youtube, issue66 issue66
Characterising and Preserving Digital Repositories: File Format Profiles feature article accessibility, adobe, amazon, archives, bibliographic data, blog, cloud computing, css, csv, curation, data, data management, database, david tarrant, digital curation, digital preservation, digital repositories, dissemination, document format, droid, eprints, feature article, file format, flash, flash video, framework, gif, google, graphics, harvard university, html, hypertext, identifier, institutional repository, java, jisc, jisc information environment, jpeg, keepit, latex, linked data, metadata, microsoft, mpeg, mpeg-1, open access, open source, photoshop, php, plain text, preservation, quicktime, repositories, research, schema, semantic web, software, standards, steve hitchcock, the national archives, university of illinois, university of northampton, university of southampton, university of the arts london, vector graphics, video, web 2.0, wellcome library, wiki, wikipedia, windows, windows media, xml, xml schema, issue66 issue66
Saving the Sounds of the UK in the UK SoundMap feature article android, archives, british library, browser, chris clark, copyright, curation, data, data set, digital audio, feature article, flac, geospatial data, gis, google, google maps, iphone, maureen pennock, metadata, mobile, mobile phone, mp3, portal, preservation, privacy, research, resource discovery, rss, search technology, sms, social networks, twitter, video, issue66 issue66
10 Years of Zetoc feature article aggregation, authentication, bibliographic data, british library, cataloguing, cloud computing, copac, data, database, dner, feature article, further education, google, google scholar, harvard university, heriot-watt university, hewlett-packard, higher education, identifier, jane ronson, jisc, loughborough university, mimas, my references, national library, national library of wales, nhs, open access, openurl, personalisation, repositories, research, resource discovery, rss, sconul, search technology, shibboleth, soap, software, sru, stanford university, suncat, tag cloud, tictocs, university of chester, university of manchester, university of surrey, z39.50, zetoc, issue66 issue66
International Digital Curation Conference 2010 event report aggregation, alex ball, archives, ark, authentication, blog, cataloguing, cni, coalition for networked information, collection development, content management, cornell university, curation, data, data citation, data management, data model, data set, database, datacite, datashare, dcc, digital curation, digital library, e-science, eprints, event report, framework, i2s2, identifier, idmb, indiana university, infrastructure, intellectual property, interoperability, irods, johns hopkins university, leiden university, linked data, linux, massachusetts institute of technology, metadata, michigan state university, mobile, myexperiment, national library, national library of australia, national science foundation, ontologies, open access, open data, operating system, persistent identifier, preservation, preservation metadata, provenance, rdf, repositories, research, research information network, resource description, rutgers university, sagecite, search technology, semantic web, sharepoint, software, standards, sudamih, tagging, tei, text mining, twitter, ukoln, university of arizona, university of bath, university of california berkeley, university of cambridge, university of chicago, university of edinburgh, university of illinois, university of oxford, university of sheffield, university of southampton, video, virtual research environment, visualisation, wiki, windows, xml, issue66 issue66
Never Waste a Good Crisis: Innovation and Technology in Institutions event report archimate, blog, cetis, cloud computing, creative commons, data, e-framework, e-learning, event report, facebook, framework, higher education, ict, identifier, iso, jisc, linked data, lod, machine learning, mashup, massachusetts institute of technology, metadata, mobile, national university of ireland, oer, open data, open source, oslo university college, passwords, rdf, rdfa, research, search technology, semantic web, social software, sparql, standardisation, standards, tore hoel, university of bristol, university of nottingham, university of southampton, uri, wiki, wikipedia, windows, issue66 issue66
Beyond the PDF event report archives, blog, cloud computing, copyright, data, data citation, data set, deri, dexy, elsevier, epub, event report, framework, git, google, google scholar, html, html5, identifier, intellectual property, jodi schneider, linked data, metadata, microsoft, national university of ireland, open access, opm, persistent identifier, provenance, repositories, research, science and technology facilities council, semantic web, social networks, software, standards, streaming, text mining, twitter, video, visualisation, w3c, wiki, wordpress, youtube, issue66 issue66
Book Review: Introducing RDA review aacr2, archives, authority data, bibliographic data, cataloguing, data, data set, frad, frbr, information retrieval, isbd, katrina clifford, kingston university, library of congress, marc, marc21, metadata, resource description and access, review, search technology, standards, video, wiki, issue66 issue66
Book Review: The Myths of Innovation review apple, bibliographic data, google, internet explorer, lina coelho, microsoft, research, review, search technology, university of washington, video, issue66 issue66
Book Review: Blogging and RSS - A Librarian's Guide, 2nd Edition review aggregation, blog, cataloguing, elly cope, google, microblogging, perl, podcast, rdf, review, rss, search technology, syndication, twitter, university of bath, url, issue66 issue66
Book Review: Practical Open Source Software for Libraries review cd-rom, content management, data, database, digital library, digital media, drupal, dspace, dvd, firefox, graphics, instant messaging, internet explorer, interoperability, licence, linux, moodle, muhammad rafiq, open source, openoffice, operating system, podcast, repositories, research, review, software, vufind, wiki, wordpress, issue66 issue66
Editorial Introduction to Issue 67: Changes Afoot editorial accessibility, archives, becta, bibliographic data, blog, cataloguing, curation, data, devcsi, digital library, digitisation, editorial, elluminate, eprints, framework, geospatial data, gis, homer multitext, identifier, infrastructure, interoperability, jisc, jisc techdis, librarything, meta-net, metadata, mobile, mobile campus assistant, mymobilebristol, natural language processing, preservation, programming language, repositories, research, richard waller, rss, semantic web, software, standards, tagging, twitter, uima, ukoln, ulcc, university of bath, university of derby, urn, usability, web 2.0, web services, webinar, wikipedia, issue67 issue67
Towards Interoperabilty of European Language Resources feature article data, database, dean andrew jackson, e-science, feature article, framework, ibm, ict, identifier, information retrieval, information society, interoperability, java, john keane, john mcnaught, meta-net, metadata, named entity recognition, natural language processing, paul thompson, philip j r day, plain text, programming language, repositories, research, search technology, software, sophia ananiadou, standards, steve pettifer, tagging, teresa k attwood, text mining, uima, university of manchester, university of oxford, university of tokyo, web services, xml, yoshinobu kano, issue67 issue67
Image 'Quotation' Using the C.I.T.E. Architecture feature article amy hackney blackwell, archives, browser, christopher blackwell, clemson university, creative commons, css, data, digital library, doi, dublin core, feature article, firefox, free software, furman university, gnu, google, harvard university, homer multitext, html, identifier, infrastructure, java, licence, metadata, namespace, national academy of sciences, national science foundation, openoffice, research, safari, schema, software, standards, stylesheet, tei, thesaurus, university of virginia, url, urn, vocabularies, web browser, xhtml, xml, xsl, xslt, zip, issue67 issue67
Connecting Researchers at the University of Bath feature article bibliographic data, blog, citeulike, curation, database, digital media, dissemination, doi, e-learning, feature article, geraldine jones, google, hashtag, higher education, ict, identifier, jez cope, microblogging, mobile, preservation, research, research information network, rss, search technology, social software, social web, syndication, twitter, university of bath, university of derby, video, virtual research environment, web 2.0, web services, wiki, wikipedia, wordpress, issue67 issue67
MyMobileBristol feature article apache, api, atom, authentication, blog, browser, bsd, cataloguing, content management, damian steer, data, data set, database, datagovuk, devcsi, dissemination, e-research, e-science, feature article, framework, geospatial data, gis, higher education, html, ilrt, intellectual property, java, javascript, jena, jisc, jisc techdis, ldap, licence, machine learning, mca, mike jones, mobile, mobile campus assistant, mobile phone, mymobilebristol, native app, native applications, nikki rogers, open data, open source, operating system, ordnance survey, portal, portfolio, rdf, research, resource description, restful, rss, search technology, semantic web, simon price, smartphone, software, sparql, sql, standards, ukoln, university of bristol, usability, w3c, web app, web browser, web futures, web services, wiki, wireless, xml, issue67 issue67
Piloting Web Conferencing Software: Experiences and Challenges feature article adobe, alt, alt-c, aston university, blackboard, blog, browser, data, e-learning, elluminate, feature article, firefox, further education, google, higher education, internet explorer, java, jisc, julian prior, licence, marie salter, mobile, moodle, multimedia, oer, open access, open source, open university, operating system, portfolio, qik, safari, samson, software, streaming, ukoln, university of bath, university of bristol, university of exeter, university of hertfordshire, university of winchester, usb, video, vle, web browser, webinar, wikipedia, windows, issue67 issue67
Retooling Special Collections Digitisation in the Age of Mass Scanning feature article american museum of natural history, archives, bibliographic data, california digital library, cataloguing, constance rinaldo, csv, data, database, digital library, digitisation, dublin core, feature article, framework, harvard university, ifla, infrastructure, intellectual property, internet archive, judith warnement, library of congress, librarything, martin r. kalfatovic, metadata, new york botanical garden, oclc, opac, open access, open library, repositories, research, smithsonian institution, susan fraser, tagging, tom baione, university of cambridge, university of oxford, url, video, web services, wiki, wikipedia, z39.50, issue67 issue67
From Link Rot to Web Sanctuary: Creating the Digital Educational Resource Archive (DERA) feature article archives, bbc, becta, bernard m scaife, bibliographic data, cataloguing, collection development, content management, copyright, creative commons, data, data mining, digital preservation, digitisation, dspace, eprints, feature article, fedora commons, google, higher education, html, identifier, infrastructure, interoperability, jisc, lcsh, library management systems, licence, metadata, ms word, multimedia, national library, national library of australia, oai, oai-pmh, open access, preservation, provenance, repositories, research, schema, search technology, software, the national archives, thesaurus, uk data archive, ulcc, university of london, university of southampton, url, xml, issue67 issue67
Looking for the Link Between Library Usage and Student Attainment feature article authentication, blog, bryony ramsden, data, data set, dave pattern, de montfort university, ebook, edina, feature article, graham stone, hashtag, higher education, identifier, jisc, jisc information environment, leeds metropolitan university, library data, licence, liverpool john moores university, opac, open access, open data, openurl, repositories, research, sconul, shibboleth, software, twitter, university of bradford, university of exeter, university of huddersfield, university of salford, web 2.0, web services, wiki, issue67 issue67


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