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A Foundation for Automatic Digital Preservation feature article algorithm, ana alice baptista, archives, ascii, bibliographic data, carnegie mellon university, controlled vocabularies, crib, d-lib magazine, data, data set, database, dcc, digital archive, digital curation, digital library, digital media, digital preservation, digital preservation coalition, digital record object identification, digital repositories, dissemination, document format, drm, droid, dspace, dublin core, eprints, feature article, fedora commons, file format, framework, google, google trends, graphics, harvard university, identifier, ieee, ifla, interoperability, java, jose carlos ramalho, jstor, knowledge base, library of congress, licence, metadata, miguel ferreira, oais, oasis, oclc, open source, operating system, premis, preservation, preservation metadata, reposit, repositories, research, semantic web, service oriented architecture, service registry, soa, soap, software, standards, taxonomy, the national archives, uddi, university of cambridge, university of edinburgh, university of minho, video, vocabularies, wayback machine, web services, wsdl, xml, issue48 issue48
A Free ISP from the British Library feature article bibliographic data, brian kefford, british library, browser, cataloguing, cd-rom, copyright, feature article, jisc, opac, research, resource discovery, software, ukoln, university of bath, url, web browser, web services, issue22 issue22
A Glimpse at EEVLs' Evaluation project update archives, bibliographic data, database, eevl, elib, malcolm moffat, project update, research, search technology, software, issue8 issue8
A Knight's Tale: Networked CD-ROM Redirectors regular column cd-rom, jon knight, linux, microsoft, operating system, regular column, samba, software, standards, url, windows, issue14 issue14
A Librarian's Experience of E-Government feature article american library association, cataloguing, cilip, controlled vocabularies, database, e-government, feature article, foi, foia, information architecture, jane inman, metadata, sms, thesaurus, vocabularies, warwickshire county council, web development, issue42 issue42
A MAN for All Reasons? feature article cataloguing, derek law, elib, feature article, higher education, issue2, jisc, jpeg, library association, london business school, nhs, windows issue2
A National Archive of Datasets feature article archives, ascii, cataloguing, data, data management, data set, database, digital archive, digital preservation, feature article, file format, foi, gis, graphics, iso, jeffrey darlington, metadata, operating system, ordnance survey, preservation, privacy, research, search technology, software, sql, standards, swiss federal archives, the national archives, ulcc, unicode, university of london, video, xml, issue39 issue39
A National Co-ordinating Body for Digital Archiving? feature article archives, british library, cataloguing, cd-rom, copyright, data, database, david haynes, digital archive, digital media, digital preservation, dissemination, doi, elib, feature article, graphics, html, identifier, java, jisc, library association, loughborough university, national library, national library of australia, national library of wales, preservation, repositories, research, standards, ukoln, university of warwick, video, issue15 issue15
A New Publication for a New Challenge feature article archives, elib, feature article, higher education, intranet, jisc, john maccoll, knowledge management, lyndon pugh, mis, research, issue17 issue17
A Policy Context: eLib and the Emergence of the Subject Gateways feature article archives, bibliographic data, british library, cache, cataloguing, cni, coalition for networked information, copac, copyright, d-lib magazine, data, data set, derek law, digital object identifier, digitisation, dner, eevl, elib, feature article, framework, higher education, identifier, ietf, infrastructure, interoperability, jisc, jisc information environment, kings college london, lorcan dempsey, portfolio, research, resource discovery, software, sosig, tasi, ukoln, university of bath, university of bristol, university of strathclyde, url, issue25 issue25
A Pragmatic Approach to Preferred File Formats for Acquisition feature article aggregation, archives, born digital, cd-rom, collection development, data, database, dave thompson, digital archive, digital preservation, dissemination, drm, feature article, file format, framework, internet explorer, jpeg, jpeg 2000, metadata, microsoft, microsoft office, mpeg, open source, openoffice, preservation, provenance, real audio, repositories, software, standards, tiff, usb, video, wellcome library, xml, issue63 issue63
A quantum jump from information to transformation - mātauranga Māori based library services feature article feature article, lidu gong, te wānanga o aotearoa, issue76 issue76
A Recipe for Cream of Science: Special Content Recruitment for Dutch Institutional Repositories feature article annemiek van der kuil, archives, blog, cni, coalition for networked information, copyright, data, database, digital academic repositories, dspace, feature article, google, google scholar, identifier, infrastructure, institutional repository, jisc, leiden university, martin feijen, metadata, oai, oai-pmh, open access, open archives initiative, repositories, research, royal netherlands academy of arts and sciences, search technology, sherpa, software, standardisation, standards, thesaurus, tilburg university, university of utrecht, issue45 issue45
A Research Revolution: The Impact of Digital Technologies feature article blog, british library, bvreh, curation, data, data management, data set, database, dcc, dicky maidment-otlet, digital curation, digitisation, e-science, feature article, framework, further education, higher education, ict, infrastructure, jisc, jisc collections, jstor, judy redfearn, multimedia, national grid service, open access, research, streaming, text mining, virtual research environment, visualisation, web 2.0, issue62 issue62
A Selection of Social Media Search Engines feature article blog, data, diigo, facebook, feature article, flickr, google, iphone, microblogging, mobile, pageflakes, phil bradley, research, rss, search technology, twitter, video, web 2.0, youtube, issue57 issue57
A Speaking Electronic Librarian feature article algorithm, api, bibliographic data, browser, cataloguing, database, digital library, dublin core, feature article, ict, identifier, ieee, ifla, information society, interoperability, library of congress, markos dendrinos, national library, opac, research, standards, tei, university of cambridge, url, vocabularies, windows, issue33 issue33
A Support Framework for Remote Workers feature article blog, data, dissemination, feature article, framework, higher education, ict, intranet, marieke guy, multimedia, remote working, research, software, twitter, ucisa, ukoln, university of bath, university of london, video, issue59 issue59
A Thread of Ariadnes odds and ends browser, cataloguing, database, david nichols, digital library, identifier, issue2, multimedia, odds and ends, research, search technology, software, visualisation issue2
A Tradition of Scholarly Documentation for Digital Objects: The Launch of the Digital Curation Centre event report archives, british library, cclrc, cni, coalition for networked information, curation, data, data set, dcc, digital archive, digital curation, e-research, e-science, edina, elib, event report, infrastructure, institutional repository, jisc, metadata, national grid service, philip hunter, preservation, provenance, repositories, research, the national archives, ukoln, university of edinburgh, university of glasgow, university of southampton, issue42 issue42
A Wired Honduran Christmas feature article eddie young, feature article, infrastructure, multimedia, search technology, software, ukoln, university of bath, url, windows, issue23 issue23


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