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Article title Article type All taxonomy terms Issue number
RDN Timeline feature article cranfield university, debra hiom, eevl, elib, feature article, intute, jisc, research, resource discovery, sosig, subject gateway, subject portals project, university of manchester, wellcome trust, issue47 issue47
Discussions from KIDMM Mash-up Day event report accessibility, adobe, aida, british library, cataloguing, cloud computing, conrad taylor, data, data model, data set, database, de montfort university, digital preservation, document format, ead, event report, flickr, geospatial data, gis, google, information retrieval, iso, library of congress, microsoft, microsoft office, nhs, open university, opendocument, openoffice, operating system, preservation, repositories, research, search technology, software, standards, tag cloud, tagging, taxonomy, udc, usability, vocabularies, web 2.0, xml, issue53 issue53
Enabling Knowledge Communities event report conrad taylor, data, event report, facebook, flickr, google, google docs, information retrieval, knowledge management, twitter, web 2.0, issue53 issue53
Further Information on SNOMED-CT event report conrad taylor, data, event report, identifier, nhs, search technology, taxonomy, issue53 issue53
V&A Core Systems Integration Project event report archives, bibliographic data, cataloguing, cidoc-crm, conrad taylor, data, data model, database, dcmi, digital asset management, dublin core, ead, event report, identifier, metadata, ontologies, open archives initiative, repositories, soap, software, standards, z39.50, issue53 issue53
Data Citation and Publication by NERC’s Environmental Data Centres feature article archives, ascii, badc, british antarctic survey, british library, british oceanographic data centre, cataloguing, cd-rom, claddier, codata, curation, data, data citation, data management, data set, datacite, david walton, digital curation, digital repositories, doi, dspace, dublin core, e-science, feature article, framework, geospatial data, google scholar, guid, higher education, html, identifier, infrastructure, internet explorer, interoperability, jisc, library data, metadata, ncas, ojims, open access, rdf, repositories, research, roy lowry, royal meteorological society, sarah callaghan, schema, science and technology facilities council, standards, uri, url, vocabularies, xml, issue68 issue68
Has Second Life Lived up to Expectations? feature article avatar, bbc, blog, city of glasgow college, e-learning, facebook, feature article, glasgow caledonian university, graphics, harvard university, instant messaging, jisc, linden lab, paul gorman, research, second life, twitter, university of edinburgh, usability, video, web 2.0, wiki, issue68 issue68
The CLIF Project: The Repository as Part of a Content Lifecycle feature article archives, bbc, cataloguing, chris awre, clif, collection development, content management, content management interoperability services, data, data management, digital repositories, dublin core, e-research, feature article, fedora commons, framework, higher education, hydra, institutional repository, jisc, jisc information environment, kings college london, metadata, microsoft, mods, opac, open source, preservation, remap project, repomman, repositories, research, richard green, sakai, search technology, sharepoint, simon waddington, software, solr, standards, stanford university, university of hull, university of virginia, url, issue68 issue68
Adapting VuFind as a Front-end to a Commercial Discovery System tooled up ajax, api, archives, authentication, cataloguing, data, database, ejournal, free software, google, graham seaman, identifier, institutional repository, library catalogs, library management systems, lucene, marc, metadata, minnesota state colleges and universities, mysql, national library, national library of australia, oai-pmh, opac, open source, openurl, php, repositories, resource discovery, restful, royal holloway, ruby, search technology, serials solutions, sfx, software, solr, standards, tooled up, university of london, usability, villanova university, vufind, western michigan university, wiki, worldcat, issue68 issue68
Welsh Libraries and Social Media: A Survey feature article aggregation, alyson tyler, archives, blog, cymal, ebook, facebook, feature article, file sharing, flickr, foi, further education, higher education, instant messaging, internet explorer, moodle, multimedia, netvibes, pageflakes, repositories, rss, social networks, tagging, twitter, ukoln, video, web 2.0, welsh government, wiki, youtube, issue68 issue68
Book Review: From Lending to Learning review bbc, dvd, ebook, information retrieval, information society, jisc information environment, north lincolnshire library, plain text, research, review, standards, tim davies, wikipedia, issue68 issue68
Book Review: University Libraries and Digital Learning Environments review archives, copyright, curation, data, database, digital repositories, e-learning, framework, further education, gis, google, graphics, higher education, interoperability, laurentian university, library management systems, licence, mobile, preservation, repositories, research, resource discovery, review, search technology, software, standards, sylvie lafortune, tag cloud, virtual research environment, web 2.0, wireless, issue68 issue68
Book Review: Innovations in Information Retrieval review aida, big data, data, document management, higher education, information retrieval, internet explorer, intranet, intranet focus ltd, martin white, research, review, search technology, tagging, university of sheffield, video, issue68 issue68
IMPACT Final Conference 2011 event report abbyy, ahlib, archives, austrian national library, blog, bnf, brightsolid, british library, california digital library, content conversion specialists, copyright, d-lib magazine, data, data management, data mining, data set, database, dcc, digital library, digitisation, dissemination, europeana, event report, finereader, framework, google, google books, ibm, ict, impact project, information retrieval, information society, institute for dutch lexicology, interoperability, marieke guy, metadata, mets, national and university library of slovenia, national library, national library of finland, national library of the netherlands, ocr, oer, open source, optical character recognition, preservation, research, search technology, software, solr, stanford university, tagging, tesseract, tufts university, twitter, ukoln, unicode, university of bath, university of munich, university of oxford, university of salford, university of utrecht, wiki, wordpress, issue68 issue68
Delivering Open Educational Resources for Engineering Design feature article aggregation, algorithm, blog, copyright, creative commons, data, e-learning, feature article, framework, google search, hea, heriot-watt university, higher education, html, identifier, intellectual property, jisc, jorum, json, licence, mansur darlington, massachusetts institute of technology, metadata, microdata, mrc, oer, provenance, rdf, repositories, research, resource description, resource discovery, rss, schema, search technology, software, standardisation, standards, taxonomy, ukoer, university of bath, url, vocabularies, wordpress, xhtml, xml, issue68 issue68
Peculiarities of Digitising Materials from the Collections of the National Academy of Sciences, Armenia feature article abbyy, adobe, alan hopkinson, algorithm, archives, british library, content management, data, database, dcmi, digital media, digital repositories, digitisation, document format, drupal, dspace, dublin core, dublin core metadata initiative, dvd, eifl, endangered archives programme, eprints, feature article, file format, graphics, ifla, infrastructure, jisc digital media, jpeg, metadata, microsoft, middlesex university, national academy of sciences, national library, national library of armenia, ocr, open access, open source, open standard, optical character recognition, preservation, repositories, research, resource description, schema, software, standards, stm, tasi, tiff, tigran zargaryan, issue68 issue68
The Future of the Past of the Web event report aggregation, algorithm, api, archives, arcomem, bbc, big data, blog, british library, browser, bsi, cache, curation, data, data mining, data model, dcc, digital asset management, digital curation, digital library, digital preservation, digital preservation coalition, digitisation, dissemination, doi, event report, flickr, google, hanzo archives, identifier, institute of historical research, internet archive, interoperability, iso, jisc, kings college london, library data, library of congress, lod, matthew brack, memento, metadata, nhs, oxford internet institute, preservation, repositories, research, search technology, social web, software, tag cloud, the national archives, twitter, uk government web archive, ulcc, university of oxford, university of sheffield, uri, url, visualisation, warc, wayback machine, web resources, wellcome library, wordpress, youtube, issue68 issue68
Developing Research Excellence and Methods (DREaM) Project Launch Conference event report american library association, bbc, blog, british library, cilip, cookie, data, dissemination, edinburgh napier university, event report, framework, imperial college london, indiana university, information society, information today, knowledge management, lis research coalition, loughborough university, metadata, nhs, northumbria university, open access, ray harper, repositories, research, search technology, social networks, taxonomy, university college cork, university of cambridge, university of oxford, university of sheffield, issue68 issue68
Data Science Professionals: A Global Community of Sharing event report algorithm, archives, association of research libraries, cessda, controlled vocabularies, data, data citation, data management, data set, data without boundaries, datacite, dcc, ddi, digital repositories, e-science, event report, framework, gis, iassist, identifier, infrastructure, laurentian university, lod, massachusetts institute of technology, metadata, microdata, ms word, national science foundation, nesstar, ontologies, open data, open source, portal, rdf, repositories, research, schema, simon fraser university, software, standards, sylvie lafortune, university of alberta, visualisation, xml, yale university, issue68 issue68
eSciDoc Days 2011: The Challenges for Collaborative eResearch Environments event report archives, authentication, big data, browser, copyright, curation, data, data management, data set, database, digital library, digital preservation, digital repositories, digitisation, dissemination, e-research, ebook, ejournal, event report, fedora commons, fiz karlsruhe, framework, higher education, infrastructure, internet explorer, interoperability, jisc, knowledge management, licence, metadata, open source, preservation, provenance, repositories, research, rich internet application, soa, software, ute rusnak, virtual research environment, visualisation, web services, issue68 issue68


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