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Book Review: The University of Google review cataloguing, database, google, google scholar, higher education, judy reading, research, research information network, review, search technology, university of brighton, university of oxford, wikipedia, issue54 issue54
Book Review: The Virtual Reference Desk review british medical association, data, database, knowledge base, lina coelho, open source, research, review, rutgers university, software, video, wireless, issue47 issue47
Book Review: The Web Library review amazon, blog, british medical association, copyright, ebook, lina coelho, project gutenberg, review, smithsonian institution, web resources, issue41 issue41
Book Review: Transformative Learning Support Models in Higher Education review higher education, jisc, research, review, sarah ward, sheffield hallam university, university of bradford, university of cumbria, university of the highlands and islands, issue58 issue58
Book Review: Understanding and Communicating Social Informatics review d-lib magazine, e-business, ict, indiana university, information society, knowledge base, national science foundation, research, review, sheila corrall, university of sheffield, issue47 issue47
Book Review: Understanding Gamification review john kirriemuir, review, issue74 issue74
Book Review: Understanding Information and Computation review bibliographic data, content management, data, ibm, information retrieval, intranet, intranet focus ltd, martin white, oxford university press, research, review, search technology, university of oxford, university of sheffield, issue70 issue70
Book Review: Understanding Open Source and Free Software Licensing review aggregation, apache license, apache software foundation, bsd, copyright, creative commons, free software, gnu, gpl, jisc, lgpl, licence, massachusetts institute of technology, microsoft, mike fraser, open source, operating system, oss watch, qt, research, review, software, solaris, sun microsystems, university of oxford, issue42 issue42
Book Review: University Libraries and Digital Learning Environments review archives, copyright, curation, data, database, digital repositories, e-learning, framework, further education, gis, google, graphics, higher education, interoperability, laurentian university, library management systems, licence, mobile, preservation, repositories, research, resource discovery, review, search technology, software, standards, sylvie lafortune, tag cloud, virtual research environment, web 2.0, wireless, issue68 issue68
Book Review: University Libraries and Space in the Digital World review hugh murphy, internet explorer, national library, national university of ireland, prism, research, resource description, review, social networks, university college dublin, university of leicester, university of melbourne, web 2.0, issue71 issue71
Book Review: User Studies for Digital Library Development review accessibility, archives, bbc, bibliographic data, course design, creative commons, data, digital library, digital preservation, e-learning, europeana, framework, glasgow caledonian university, information society, library of congress, long island university, manchester metropolitan university, metadata, mobile, multimedia, national library, national library of australia, open access, research, resource discovery, review, selenay aytac, university of edinburgh, university of glasgow, university of malta, university of oxford, university of sheffield, university of strathclyde, usability, web 2.0, issue70 issue70
Book Review: Using Games to Enhance Learning and Teaching review framework, research, review, swinburne university of technology, wajeehah aayeshah, issue69 issue69
Book Review: Using Mobile Technology to Deliver Library Services review augmented reality, bibliographic data, ebook, fiona maclellan, licence, mobile, mobile phone, qr code, research, review, rfid, sms, university of northampton, issue70 issue70
Book Review: Visualizing Data review amazon, bibliographic data, computer programming, data, data set, data visualisation, database, flash, gnu, graphics, html, java, javascript, json, licence, mysql, open source, oreilly, pete cliff, photoshop, programming language, research, review, software, svg, ukoln, university of bath, vector graphics, visualisation, xml, issue56 issue56
Book Review: Web Accessibility review accessibility, bibliographic data, cerlim, content management, cookie, digital media, html, intranet, intranet focus ltd, jisc, jisc techdis, manchester metropolitan university, martin white, microsoft, microsoft office, research, review, rnib, search technology, sharepoint, software, standards, ukoln, university of bath, university of dundee, university of southampton, web accessibility initiative, web resources, issue56 issue56
Book Review: Website Optimization review ajax, apache, cache, cool uri, css, framework, google, html, jisc, metadata, microformats, open source, oreilly, pete cliff, rdf, repositories, repositories support project, research, resource description, review, rsp, search engine optimisation, search technology, semantic web, seo project, software, ukoln, university of bath, uri, video, w3c, wikipedia, wireless, issue57 issue57
Book Review: What's the Alternative? review british medical association, lina coelho, review, web services, issue56 issue56
Book Reviews: Digital Information and Knowledge Management, and Print Vs. Digital review andrew w mellon foundation, archives, cataloguing, cornell university, data, data set, digital library, digitisation, dissemination, elsevier, gis, google, higher education, jstor, knowledge management, learning objects, licence, preservation, research, review, standards, sylvie lafortune, visualisation, vocabularies, web 2.0, issue54 issue54
Bring Your Own Policy: Why Accessibility Standards Need to Be Contextually Sensitive feature article accessibility, agile development, blog, brian kelly, browser, bs8878, cookie, data, david sloan, doi, dominik lukes, e-learning, ea draffan, ead, feature article, framework, ict, iso, jonathan hassell, kings college london, london metropolitan university, mobile, oracle, research, responsive design, sarah lewthwaite, social networks, software, standardisation, standards, ukoln, university of bath, university of dundee, university of southampton, usability, video, w3c, wcag, web accessibility initiative, web resources, web services, web standards, youtube, issue71 issue71
Bringing Coherence to Networked Information for the New Century event report archives, british library, cataloguing, cni, copyright, data set, database, digital library, digital preservation, digitisation, dner, ecms, event report, framework, gillian austen, infrastructure, internet explorer, interoperability, jisc, jisc collections, jstor, licence, mimas, national science foundation, nesli, opac, preservation, privacy, research, university of manchester, url, visualisation, z39.50, issue24 issue24


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