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The National Centre for Text Mining: Aims and Objectives feature article algorithm, archives, bibliographic data, cache, cataloguing, controlled vocabularies, crm, curation, data, data mining, data set, database, digital library, dissemination, feature article, framework, gnu, identifier, information retrieval, internet explorer, jisc, john keane, john mcnaught, julia chruszcz, knowledge management, machine learning, massachusetts institute of technology, medical subject headings, metadata, mimas, named entity recognition, national library, natural language processing, nhs, ontologies, open access, open source, paul watry, portal, repositories, research, search technology, semantic web, software, sophia ananiadou, standards, text mining, university of cambridge, university of liverpool, university of manchester, university of salford, university of tokyo, vocabularies, web services, issue42 issue42
The National Centre for Text Mining: A Vision for the Future feature article blog, controlled vocabularies, data, data management, data mining, database, digital library, doi, e-learning, e-research, e-science, feature article, framework, google, google scholar, ibm, identifier, information retrieval, infrastructure, intellectual property, interoperability, jisc, knowledge management, machine learning, metadata, microsoft, named entity recognition, natural language processing, ontologies, open access, open source, portal, repositories, research, search technology, semantic web, social networks, software, sophia ananiadou, text mining, uima, university of manchester, usability, visualisation, vocabularies, web services, issue53 issue53
The MrCute Repository: The Next Phase feature article blog, copyright, dissemination, feature article, helen brady, ims, institutional repository, jisc, jorum, learning objects, metadata, moodle, open source, repositories, research, search technology, usability, video, vle, worcester college of technology, issue58 issue58
The Management of Content: Universities and the Electronic Publishing Revolution feature article archives, cataloguing, content management, data, database, e-learning, feature article, higher education, html, imperial college london, massachusetts institute of technology, oxford university press, philip hunter, repositories, research, sgml, software, ukoln, university college london, university of cambridge, university of oxford, url, w3c, web services, xml, issue28 issue28
The LIPARM Project: A New Approach to Parliamentary Metadata feature article archives, cataloguing, controlled vocabularies, data, digital library, digitisation, e-research, feature article, identifier, interoperability, jisc, kings college london, library of congress, liparm, metadata, multimedia, national library, national library of wales, rdf, research, research information management, richard gartner, schema, uri, vocabularies, xml, xml schema, issue70 issue70
The Library Catalogue in the New Discovery Environment: Some Thoughts feature article aggregation, amazon, authentication, bibliographic data, blog, browser, cataloguing, d-lib magazine, data, database, digitisation, ebook, feature article, frbr, google, google scholar, institutional repository, itunes, library management systems, librarything, lorcan dempsey, marc, metadata, network service, oclc, opac, repositories, research, resource management, resource sharing, rss, search technology, software, srw, syndication, tagging, university of huddersfield, web 2.0, web resources, web services, worldcat, z39.50, issue48 issue48
The Library Association Web Site review accessibility, alan cooper, american library association, apache, api, authentication, cataloguing, data, database, elib, finbarr joy, ftp, html, intranet, javascript, ldap, library association, metadata, microsoft, microsoft office, niss, rdbms, review, software, standards, university of wales, windows, issue10 issue10
The Librarians' Information Literacy Annual Conference (LILAC) 2009 event report aac, american library association, argosi, blog, cardiff university, college of new jersey, database, e-learning, event report, flash, framework, google, higher education, imperial college london, information retrieval, itunes, itunes u, jisc, jorum, learning objects, london metropolitan university, loughborough university, manchester metropolitan university, marc, multimedia, podcast, princeton university, refworks, research, rosie jones, sconul, search technology, social software, twitter, university of birmingham, university of cambridge, university of leeds, university of manchester, university of nottingham, university of oxford, university of plymouth, university of sheffield, university of the west of england, university of worcester, video, vle, wikipedia, youtube, issue59 issue59
The Librarian's Information Literacy Annual Conference (LILAC) 2008 event report blog, data, event report, google, higher education, infrastructure, jisc, keir hopwood, knowledge management, london school of economics, metadata, moodle, oreilly, portal, research, rss, search technology, second life, software, standards, university of brighton, university of sheffield, university of the west of england, video, vle, web 2.0, wellcome library, wikipedia, issue55 issue55
The Librarian of Babel: The Self-Citation Machine regular column bibliographic data, cataloguing, harvard university, html, hypertext, metadata, mike holderness, regular column, research, search technology, url, issue10 issue10
The Librarian of Babel: The Key to the Stacks feature article browser, cataloguing, copyright, dissemination, feature article, harvard university, microsoft, mike holderness, passwords, portfolio, research, search technology, web browser, issue9 issue9
The Librarian of Babel: for a Public Reading Right regular column aardvark, archives, cataloguing, cd-rom, copyright, data, ibm, mike holderness, multimedia, regular column, repositories, research, search technology, video, issue11 issue11
The Lesser of Two EEVLs? feature article archives, bibliographic data, bibliographic database, database, eevl, ejournal, feature article, heriot-watt university, information retrieval, nottingham trent university, research, roddy macleod, search technology, software, url, issue12 issue12
The LEODIS Database feature article archives, browser, cataloguing, csv, data, database, digitisation, dublin core, feature article, identifier, internet explorer, intranet, javascript, jonathan kendal, jpg, manchester metropolitan university, microsoft, oracle, programming language, purl, research, search technology, software, sql, standards, tiff, url, video, issue27 issue27
The Launch of History event report data, database, e-learning, elib, event report, ihr-info, institute of historical research, isobel stark, research, university of london, issue12 issue12
The Klearinghouse: An Inventory of Knowledge Technologies feature article aggregation, arl, carnegie mellon university, cataloguing, cni, coalition for networked information, crm, data, database, dissemination, feature article, george brett, higher education, identifier, knowledge base, knowledge management, licence, multimedia, ncsa, perl, portal, research, schema, software, sql, url, video, web browser, xml, issue25 issue25
The KIDMM Community's 'MetaKnowledge Mash-up' event report adobe, algorithm, anglia ruskin university, archives, ascii, born digital, browser, bsi, cataloguing, conrad taylor, controlled vocabularies, csv, cybernetics, data, data management, data mining, data set, database, digital archive, digital asset management, dublin core, e-government, e-learning, ead, eportfolio, event report, foia, framework, geospatial data, gis, google, google maps, identifier, information retrieval, information society, interoperability, library of congress, location-based services, metadata, mis, named entity recognition, nhs, ontologies, ordnance survey, portfolio, preservation, provenance, repositories, research, search technology, sgml, software, standards, tagging, text mining, the national archives, thesaurus, ukoln, university of bolton, university of london, university of manchester, vocabularies, wiki, wikipedia, xml, issue53 issue53
The Katharine Sharp Review review ascii, browser, ftp, graphics, internet explorer, kevin ward, mac os, microsoft, research, review, rtf, university of illinois, issue5 issue5
The JOIN-UP Programme: Seminar on Linking Technologies event report accessibility, aggregation, archives, authentication, bath profile, bibliographic data, british library, browser, cataloguing, cd-rom, cnri, collection description, content provider, data, database, digital library, digital object identifier, dner, docusend, doi, dublin core, ebook, edina, ejournal, event report, framework, handle system, identifier, ifla, infrastructure, institute of physics, interoperability, jafer, jisc, jisc information environment, kings college london, marc, metadata, multimedia, namespace, niso, oclc, opac, open archives initiative, open source, openurl, portal, rdf, repositories, research, resource discovery, romeo, rss, sandy shaw, search technology, sfx, standardisation, standards, stm, ukoln, university of edinburgh, university of oxford, url, windows, xgrain, z39.50, zblsa, zetoc, issue28 issue28
The JISC User Behaviour Monitoring and Evaluation Framework feature article data, data set, feature article, framework, further education, higher education, jenny rowley, jisc, justeis, mobile, mobile phone, research, search technology, taxonomy, university of northumbria at newcastle, university of wales, url, issue30 issue30


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