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The 2010 Information Architecture Summit event report apple, cloud computing, cookie, curation, data, database, elizabeth coburn, event report, facebook, google, ibm, information architecture, ipad, mobile, podcast, privacy, research, rfid, social networks, twitter, university of illinois, issue63 issue63
The 2008 Mashed Museum Day and UK Museums on the Web Conference event report accessibility, aggregation, api, archives, bbc, blog, cataloguing, copyright, csv, data, data set, data visualisation, database, digital library, digital media, digitisation, europeana, event report, exif, file format, flickr, foi, framework, freebase, geospatial data, gis, ibm, ict, infrastructure, library of congress, massachusetts institute of technology, metadata, mia ridge, museum of london, oai, ontologies, rdf, rdfa, repositories, research, resource description, romeo, rss, search technology, semantic web, standardisation, syndication, twitter, university of leicester, video, visualisation, vocabularies, web 2.0, web services, wikipedia, xml, issue56 issue56
The 1996 UKOLUG State of the Art Conference event report cd-rom, copyright, data, e-learning, elib, elsevier, event report, intranet, java, melanie lawes, omni project, preservation, research, search technology, software, sun microsystems, video, issue5 issue5
The (Digital) Library Environment: Ten Years After feature article aggregation, amazon, api, archives, archives hub, authentication, authentication service, bath information and data services, bibliographic data, bldsc, blog, born digital, british library, browser, cache, california digital library, cataloguing, content management, copac, copyright, crm, curation, d-lib magazine, data, data set, database, dest, digital asset management, digital curation, digital identity, digital library, digital preservation, digitisation, dner, dspace, dublin core, dublin core metadata initiative, e-framework, e-learning, e-research, ebank uk, elib, eportfolio, feature article, firefox, flickr, framework, google, google scholar, harvard university, higher education, html, infrastructure, instant messaging, institutional repository, irra, iso, itunes, jisc, jisc information environment, learning management system, library management systems, lorcan dempsey, metadata, microsoft, national library, national library of australia, netvibes, network service, oai, oai-pmh, oclc, ontologies, open access, open source, openurl, personalisation, portal, portfolio, preservation, programmable web, rae, repositories, research, research information network, resource description, resource discovery, resource management, resource sharing, rss, sakai, schema, search technology, service registry, software, sru, standardisation, tagging, taxonomy, university of virginia, uportal, url, visualisation, vle, vocabularies, w3c, web 2.0, web resources, web services, wiki, wireless, worldcat, z39.50, issue46 issue46
Text Encoding for Interchange: A New Consortium feature article cataloguing, data, digital library, dtd, feature article, framework, interoperability, library of congress, lou burnard, marc, metadata, preservation, provenance, research, search technology, sgml, software, standards, tei, university of illinois, university of oxford, university of virginia, url, usability, xml, issue24 issue24
Teleworking from Home feature article cataloguing, database, eevl, feature article, heriot-watt university, html, mobile, nicola harrison, search technology, software, sosig, standards, issue17 issue17
Teams feature article digital library, feature article, information retrieval, lyndon pugh, portfolio, issue18 issue18
Task Force Meeting event report aggregation, ahds, cni, cnri, coalition for networked information, copyright, data, database, digital object identifier, digital preservation, doi, dublin core, elib, event report, framework, handle system, higher education, hypertext, identifier, infrastructure, intellectual property, jisc, kelly russell, metadata, microsoft, oclc, preservation, research, standards, tasi, ukoln, university of california berkeley, url, wipo, issue14 issue14
Targeting Academic Research With Southampton's Institutional Repository feature article archives, arl, bibliographic data, bibliographic database, cataloguing, copyright, data, database, digital library, dissemination, e-learning, e-research, ebank uk, eprints, feature article, framework, further education, gnu, higher education, html, infrastructure, institutional repository, jessie hey, jisc, library association, lund university, metadata, mp3, multimedia, national library, oai, open access, open archives initiative, open source, plain text, rae, repec, repositories, research, search technology, software, standards, university of edinburgh, university of southampton, vocabularies, issue40 issue40
TAPin: Training and Awareness Programme in Networks project update copyright, data, elib, html, infrastructure, issue4, kay flatten, project update, research, search technology, software, url issue4
TAPin project update birmingham city university, copyright, data, dissemination, elib, kay flatten, project update, research, issue15 issue15
Tap Into Bath Takes Off event report archives, bibliographic data, cataloguing, collection description, database, event report, knowledge management, open source, search technology, software, stephanie round, ukoln, university of bath, issue42 issue42
Tap Into Bath feature article accessibility, alison baud, ann chapman, archives, bibliographic data, collection description, controlled vocabularies, data, database, feature article, higher education, html, interoperability, lcsh, medical subject headings, metadata, mysql, nhs, open source, research, resource discovery, rslp, schema, search technology, software, standards, thesaurus, ukoln, university of bath, vocabularies, xhtml, issue40 issue40
Take a Peek Beneath the EPrints V3 Wrappers event report apache, api, archives, atom, bibliographic data, data, database, digital library, dspace, dublin core, eprints, event report, flash, gif, google, google maps, javascript, jisc, ldap, metadata, mets, multimedia, mysql, oai, peter millington, quicktime, refworks, repositories, research, romeo, rss, search technology, sherpa, software, university of glasgow, university of nottingham, university of southampton, usability, video, wiki, william nixon, windows, xml, zetoc, issue50 issue50
Syndicated Content: It's More Than Just Some File Formats? feature article aggregation, ahds, archives, bath profile, bbc, cataloguing, cetis, content provider, copac, data, database, dissemination, dublin core, dublin core metadata initiative, eevl, elib, feature article, framework, higher education, html, iconex, infrastructure, interoperability, intranet, iso, javascript, jisc, jisc information environment, learning objects, metadata, oai, open archives initiative, patois, paul miller, personalisation, portal, rdf, research, resource description, resource discovery, rss, sosig, ukoln, university of hull, university of liverpool, uportal, url, xml, z39.50, zetoc, issue35 issue35
SWORD: Simple Web-service Offering Repository Deposit feature article aberystwyth university, apache, api, application profile, archives, atom, authentication, blog, cetis, data, data set, digital library, dissemination, dspace, eprints, facebook, feature article, fedora commons, gif, interoperability, java, jisc, jisc information environment, jpeg, julie allinson, ldap, learning objects, licence, metadata, mets, microsoft, namespace, oai, oai-ore, oclc, open access, open archives initiative, open knowledge initiative, open source, osid, passwords, perl, php, preservation, repositories, repositories research team, rfc, scholarly works application profile, search technology, sebastien francois, software, sru, standards, stuart lewis, sword project, sword protocol, syndication, tagging, ukoln, university of bath, university of southampton, university of york, url, web app, web resources, web services, wiki, xml, zip, issue54 issue54
SUSHI: Delivering Major Benefits to JUSP feature article archives, authentication, birmingham city university, cranfield university, csv, data, data set, database, digital library, dublin core, elsevier, feature article, html, identifier, interoperability, intute, java, jisc, jisc collections, jusp, mimas, multimedia, nesli, niso, openurl, passwords, paul meehan, paul needham, perl, php, pirus2, portal, raptor, repositories, research, ross macintyre, shibboleth, software, standards, sushi, university of manchester, university of oxford, windows, xml, zetoc, issue70 issue70
Survive or Thrive event report accessibility, aggregation, agile development, api, apple, archives, bbc, blog, california digital library, cataloguing, cerlim, data, digital curation, digital library, digital media, digital preservation, digitisation, dissemination, domain model, e-learning, ed fay, edina, eduserv, event report, flickr, geospatial data, gis, google, html, identifier, information retrieval, infrastructure, institutional repository, interoperability, itunes, javascript, jisc, jisc digital media, linked data, london school of economics, mashup, massachusetts institute of technology, metadata, mobile, ordnance survey, personalisation, preservation, rdtf, repositories, research, resource discovery, search technology, social networks, software, solr, standards, tagging, talis, text mining, the national archives, twitter, university of huddersfield, usability, widget, issue65 issue65
Survey Results editorial digital library, digitisation, editorial, elib, john maccoll, url, issue8 issue8
Supporting Material for Database Training, or 'Here’s One I Prepared Earlier' feature article ahds, alison mcnab, archives, bibliographic data, copac, data, database, dner, edina, eduserv, eevl, feature article, further education, html, jisc, jstor, kings college london, licence, loughborough university, mimas, multimedia, niss, research, resource discovery, rtf, search technology, sosig, standards, tasi, university of oxford, url, vads, zetoc, issue28 issue28


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