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Software Review: C4U review andrew cox, archives, browser, cookie, copyright, database, google, google search, intranet, jisc, microsoft, operating system, passwords, php, research, review, search technology, simon mclean, software, south bank university, ukoln, university of bath, url, usability, windows, issue29 issue29
Software Choice: Decision-making in a Mixed Economy feature article apache, copyright, e-government, feature article, free software, gnu, gpl, higher education, information society, infrastructure, interoperability, jisc, licence, linux, open source, operating system, oss watch, oxford university computing services, randy metcalfe, research, software, standards, university of oxford, university of strathclyde, issue42 issue42
Sociological Research Online: Web-based Journal for the Social Sciences project update data, issue3, jisc, nigel gilbert, oreilly, project update, research, search technology, software, university of manchester, university of surrey issue3
Social Media Librarianship in Academic Libraries: Optimizing Trends for Real-Time User Engagement through Digital Billboards feature article feature article, nnamdi azikiwe library, prince igwe, issue77 issue77
So You Want to Build a Union Catalogue? feature article aacr2, algorithm, archives, bath profile, bibliographic data, cataloguing, copac, data, database, elib, feature article, information retrieval, matthew dovey, oclc, opac, research, search technology, software, standards, university of oxford, url, z39.50, issue23 issue23
So What Is So Exciting about LAMDA? project update bldsc, british library, frederick friend, project update, research, software, standards, university college london, issue14 issue14
SKIP: Skills for New Information Professionals project update higher education, penny garrod, portfolio, project update, research, software, standards, ukoln, university of plymouth, issue16 issue16
SKIP: Skills for new Information Professionals project update cd-rom, elib, higher education, html, jisc, penny garrod, project update, research, university of plymouth, issue11 issue11
Six MLEs: More Similar Than Different feature article api, authentication, cetis, content management, copyright, data, data set, database, de montfort university, feature article, framework, higher education, ims, interoperability, java, jisc, ldap, managed learning environment, mis, open source, paul browning, plone, portal, python, repositories, schema, search technology, software, university of bristol, university of east anglia, uportal, url, vle, web services, webct, windows, xml, issue36 issue36
SIGIR '97 event report algorithm, british library, data, database, david nichols, digital library, event report, information retrieval, lexical database, medical subject headings, metadata, oclc, princeton university, research, rutgers university, search technology, university of california berkeley, university of glasgow, visualisation, wordnet, issue11 issue11
Sideline: Skinheads in Cambridge odds and ends issue4, jim huntingford, odds and ends, university of cambridge issue4
Sideline: Seagulls and Boomerangs odds and ends john kirriemuir, mobile, odds and ends, ukoln, issue5 issue5
Sideline: Nick Hornby Made Me Do It.. odds and ends apple, cataloguing, elib, mobile, mobile phone, odds and ends, research, sarah ashton, issue7 issue7
Sideline: Boys (and Girls) and Blackstuff odds and ends bath information and data services, blackboard, copyright, data, odds and ends, terry morrow, university of bath, issue6 issue6
Sideline regular column elib, issue1, john maccoll, regular column, windows issue1
Sideline regular column chris lilley, issue2, regular column issue2
Sideline regular column copyright, issue3, regular column, search technology, sheona farquhar issue3
Showing Robots the Door tooled up authentication, higher education, html, ian peacock, niss, passwords, perl, privacy, search technology, software, standards, tooled up, ukoln, university of bath, url, web services, issue15 issue15
Short Loan Projects feature article acorn, copyright, de montfort university, digitisation, elib, feature article, issue3, john maccoll, multimedia, research, search technology, university of surrey, university of the west of england issue3
Shibboleth Installation Workshop event report access control, authentication, data, ejournal, event report, further education, identifier, infrastructure, james sankar, jisc, jstor, london school of economics, masha garibyan, open source, perseus, portal, privacy, research, shibboleth, software, ukerna, web portal, issue42 issue42


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