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Article title Article type All taxonomy terms Issue number
Change Management in Information Services review archives, bibliographic data, cataloguing, digitisation, ian lovecy, research, review, issue52 issue52
Book Review: Managing the Test People review british medical association, lina coelho, review, software, issue52 issue52
Book Review: The Cambridge History of Libraries in Britain and Ireland review amazon, archives, bibliographic data, british library, british museum, cataloguing, cilip, copac, curation, data, digitisation, google, higher education, identifier, information society, infrastructure, itunes, jisc, leeds metropolitan university, lorcan dempsey, national library, national library of wales, oclc, queens university belfast, repositories, research, resource sharing, review, search technology, university college dublin, university of london, university of nottingham, issue53 issue53
Book Review: Principles of Data Management review data, data management, data mining, data model, database, document format, further education, html, institutional repository, interoperability, metadata, multimedia, pete cliff, repositories, repositories support project, research, review, rss, standards, ukoln, xml, issue53 issue53
Book Review: Listen Up! Podcasting for Schools and Libraries review accessibility, blog, copyright, digital media, e-learning, elizabeth mchugh, graphics, podcast, review, software, syndication, uhi millennium institute, video, web 2.0, wikipedia, issue53 issue53
Book Review: The Cult of the Amateur review amazon, blog, data, review, search technology, stephanie taylor, ukoln, video, web 2.0, wiki, youtube, issue53 issue53
Book Review: Mastering Regular Expressions, 3rd Edition review archives, ascii, csv, data, database, digital library, emma tonkin, eprints, google, greg tourte, html, interoperability, java, metadata, oreilly, perl, php, programming language, review, search technology, software, text mining, ukoln, university of bristol, url, issue53 issue53
Book Review: Programming Collective Intelligence review ajax, algorithm, api, blog, data, data set, pete cliff, python, research, review, ruby, ukoln, university of bath, web 2.0, issue54 issue54
Book Review: Digital Copyright review archives, authentication, blog, copyright, creative commons, data, database, digital library, drm, ebook, foi, intellectual property, interoperability, intranet, jisc, licence, open access, podcast, privacy, repositories, research, review, robert gordon university, software, stuart hannabuss, issue54 issue54
Book Reviews: Digital Information and Knowledge Management, and Print Vs. Digital review andrew w mellon foundation, archives, cataloguing, cornell university, data, data set, digital library, digitisation, dissemination, elsevier, gis, google, higher education, jstor, knowledge management, learning objects, licence, preservation, research, review, standards, sylvie lafortune, visualisation, vocabularies, web 2.0, issue54 issue54
Book Review: The University of Google review cataloguing, database, google, google scholar, higher education, judy reading, research, research information network, review, search technology, university of brighton, university of oxford, wikipedia, issue54 issue54
Book Review: Blended Learning review ajax, blog, brian whalley, e-learning, higher education, ict, library management systems, perl, queens university belfast, review, standards, video, issue54 issue54
Book Review: The Thriving Library review blog, flickr, google, instant messaging, lina coelho, review, rss, search technology, wiki, issue55 issue55
Book Review: Digital Information Culture review aggregation, bibliographic data, blog, digitisation, intellectual property, london metropolitan university, privacy, review, stuart hannabuss, university of oxford, wiki, issue55 issue55
Book Review: Information and Emotion review data, framework, identifier, jisc information environment, research, review, search technology, standards, stephanie taylor, ukoln, issue55 issue55
Book Review: Computerization Movements and Technology Diffusion review content management, emma tonkin, framework, information today, infrastructure, interoperability, open source, provenance, repositories, research, review, semantic web, social software, software, ukoln, issue55 issue55
Book Review: Manage It! Your Guide to Modern, Pragmatic Project Management review content management, intranet, intranet focus ltd, library management systems, martin white, prince2, review, software, issue55 issue55
Book Review: Visualizing Data review amazon, bibliographic data, computer programming, data, data set, data visualisation, database, flash, gnu, graphics, html, java, javascript, json, licence, mysql, open source, oreilly, pete cliff, photoshop, programming language, research, review, software, svg, ukoln, university of bath, vector graphics, visualisation, xml, issue56 issue56
Book Review: What's the Alternative? review british medical association, lina coelho, review, web services, issue56 issue56
Book Review: Information Literacy Meets Library 2.0 review blog, british library, cataloguing, emma delaney, google, jisc, research, review, tagging, university college london, video, web 2.0, wikipedia, youtube, issue56 issue56


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