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FRBR in Practice feature article bibliographic data, bibliographic record, cataloguing, copyright, data, feature article, file sharing, frbr, ifla, kathy teague, library management systems, licence, marc21, national library, opac, rnib, search technology, standards, ukoln, wendy taylor, xml, issue64 issue64
Data Services for the Sciences: A Needs Assessment feature article archives, arl, authentication, brian westra, csv, curation, data, data management, data set, data visualisation, database, digital curation, digital library, drupal, e-research, e-science, edina, feature article, file format, framework, gis, higher education, imperial college london, infrastructure, institutional repository, jisc, johns hopkins university, metadata, microsoft, mysql, open access, provenance, repositories, research, uk data archive, university of edinburgh, university of essex, university of glasgow, university of illinois, university of oregon, university of oxford, university of washington, usability, visualisation, issue64 issue64
Institutional Web Management Workshop 2010 event report accessibility, apache, blog, browser, canterbury christ church university, cocoa, content management, css, curation, data, data visualisation, datamining, eduserv, event report, facebook, firefox, framework, geospatial data, gis, google, hashtag, higher education, html, html5, hypertext, ilrt, information architecture, iwmw, keith doyle, linked data, mashup, memento, metadata, mobile, mobile campus assistant, mobile phone, opera, oxford university computing services, plone, portal, qr code, rdfa, research, rss, search technology, sharepoint, smartphone, social web, software, taxonomy, terminalfour, twitter, ukoln, university college london, university of bristol, university of cambridge, university of oxford, university of salford, university of sheffield, university of the west of england, usability, video, videoconferencing, visualisation, w3c, web app, web development, web services, webkit, widget, wikipedia, wookie, wordpress, xcri, xml, issue64 issue64
Blue Ribbon Task Force Symposium on Sustainable Digital Preservation and Access event report archives, bbc, beginners guide to digital preservation, blog, british library, cni, coalition for networked information, copyright, creative commons, curation, data, data set, datacite, dcc, digital curation, digital library, digital preservation, digitisation, dublin core, europeana, event report, fedora commons, framework, infrastructure, iso, jisc, marieke guy, national library, oclc, open access, open planets foundation, open source, preservation, research, software, uk data archive, ukoln, university college london, university of bath, university of essex, video, issue64 issue64
Open Repositories 2010 event report blog, cornell university, curation, data, database, depositmo, devcsi, digital library, digital repositories, dspace, duraspace, elsevier, eprints, equella, event report, facebook, fedora commons, framework, google, google analytics, higher education, identifier, institutional repository, metadata, microsoft, microsoft office, open access, orcid, philip hunter, repositories, research, research information management, robin taylor, search technology, software, solr, standards, sword protocol, tagging, university of edinburgh, university of london, university of oxford, university of southampton, issue64 issue64
Evidence, Value and Impact: The LIS Research Landscape in 2010 event report archives, blog, british library, cilip, data, e-learning, edinburgh napier university, event report, framework, higher education, information architecture, information retrieval, iphone, jisc, lis research coalition, loughborough university, mla, research, research information network, search technology, stephanie kenna, twitter, university college london, usability, video, wiki, issue64 issue64
Eduserv Symposium 2010: The Mobile University event report accessibility, ajax, android, augmented reality, blackboard, blog, browser, canterbury christ church university, cataloguing, cloud computing, data, e-learning, edge hill university, eduserv, event report, facebook, framework, google, higher education, html, html5, infrastructure, ipad, iphone, itunes, itunes u, junaio, location-based services, massachusetts institute of technology, mobile, mobile learning, mobile phone, open source, open university, operating system, oucs, podcast, qr code, research, search technology, shailey minocha, smartphone, sms, social software, software, twitter, ukoln, university of bath, university of bristol, university of edinburgh, university of oxford, university of plymouth, university of sheffield, university of wolverhampton, url, usability, video, web 2.0, web services, webkit, wiki, wikitude, wireless, issue64 issue64
Making Datasets Visible and Accessible: DataCite's First Summer Meeting event report archives, blog, british library, browser, cataloguing, copyright, creative commons, curation, data, data citation, data management, data mining, data set, datacite, ddi, digital repositories, doi, e-research, elsevier, event report, facebook, foi, framework, graphics, harvard university, infrastructure, interoperability, j max wilkinson, java, mashup, metadata, microsoft, open access, open planets foundation, open source, portal, privacy, repositories, research, search technology, standards, syndication, tom pollard, university of the west of england, visualisation, vocabularies, issue64 issue64
Learning How to Play Nicely: Repositories and CRIS event report archives, bibliographic data, blog, cerif, copyright, data, data management, data model, database, dspace, eprints, eurocris, event report, framework, guid, hefce, higher education, identifier, infrastructure, institutional repository, interoperability, jisc, ldap, leeds metropolitan university, linked data, metadata, nick sheppard, oai, oai-pmh, open access, preservation, rae, repositories, research, research information management, semantic web, software, standards, university of aberdeen, university of glasgow, university of st andrews, university of sunderland, wellcome trust, wrn, issue64 issue64
Emerging Technologies in Academic Libraries (emtacl10) event report amazon, andrew walsh, api, blog, browser, cataloguing, cloud computing, data, database, event report, facebook, google, google books, google docs, google scholar, heriot-watt university, infrastructure, internet explorer, journaltocs, library management systems, linked data, mashup, mobile, mp4, oclc, open data, portal, repositories, research, rss, search technology, semantic web, sms, social networks, software, talis, university of huddersfield, university of nottingham, video, web 2.0, issue64 issue64
E-books and E-content 2010: Data As Content event report archives, brian whalley, british library, cloud computing, data, data citation, data management, data mining, data set, database, datacite, doi, ebook, eprints, event report, fedora commons, flash, foi, framework, google, google scholar, higher education, identifier, information retrieval, infrastructure, jisc, metadata, mp3, multimedia, national library, ogg, peg-board, preservation, queens university belfast, rdf, repositories, research, research information network, resource description, search technology, semantic web, serials solutions, sparql, streaming, sudamih, text mining, university college london, university of manchester, university of oxford, university of southampton, video, issue64 issue64
International UPA 2010 Conference User Experience Design for the World event report aquabrowser, avatar, data, digital library, e-science, event report, jisc, liza zamboglou, lorraine paterson, mobile, national e-science centre, oracle, research, resource discovery, search technology, smartphone, university of edinburgh, usability, ux2.0, video, issue64 issue64
Book Review: The Art of Community - Building the New Age of Participation review digital media, digitisation, ed bremner, jisc, jisc digital media, linux, research, review, software, tasi, ukoln, university of bath, university of cambridge, issue64 issue64
Book Review: Access, Delivery, Performance - The Future of Libraries Without Walls review accessibility, archives, bibliographic data, british library, cataloguing, cerlim, controlled vocabularies, digital library, e-learning, facebook, flickr, framework, google, higher education, infrastructure, jisc, jisc information environment, knowledge management, manchester metropolitan university, metadata, michael day, mla, mobile, moodle, open source, open university, oreilly, preservation, repositories, research, review, rnib, semantic web, software, talis, ukoln, university of bath, university of brighton, university of california berkeley, university of central lancashire, victoria university, vle, vocabularies, w3c, wcag, web 2.0, web accessibility initiative, issue64 issue64
Book Review: Digital Information - Order Or Anarchy? review amazon, archives, copyright, digitisation, ebook, facebook, google, higher education, intellectual property, muhammad rafiq, national library, open access, personalisation, research, resource discovery, review, issue64 issue64
Book Review: iPad - The Missing Manual review amazon, apple, brian whalley, browser, ebook, ipad, iphone, itunes, linux, mac os, mobile, oreilly, queens university belfast, review, safari, search technology, video, youtube, issue64 issue64
Reader Survey editorial editorial, richard waller, issue65 issue65
From Passive to Active Preservation of Electronic Records feature article adobe, archives, blog, cataloguing, content management, data management, digital asset management, digital preservation, digital record object identification, digital repositories, droid, dspace, dvd, ead, eportfolio, feature article, file format, google, heather briston, identifier, infrastructure, institutional repository, karen estlund, microsoft, microsoft office, oais, ocr, optical character recognition, preservation, privacy, repositories, standards, tagging, the national archives, university of oregon, video, web 2.0, xml, issue65 issue65
Locating Image Presentation Technology Within Pedagogic Practice feature article accessibility, adobe, apple, archives, blackboard, blog, bournemouth university, browser, cataloguing, data, database, digital media, e-learning, edinburgh college of art, elluminate, facebook, feature article, flash, flickr, google, google maps, gotomeeting, higher education, html5, imperial college london, ipad, jisc, jisc digital media, learning design, learning objects, mac os, marie-therese gramstadt, microsoft, microsoft office, multimedia, operating system, oreilly, photoshop, pictiva, podcast, portal, portfolio, research, safari, screencast, software, standards, university for the creative arts, university of brighton, university of london, university of sheffield, university of surrey, university of the arts london, usb, vads, video, vle, web 2.0, web resources, wiki, windows, youtube, issue65 issue65
Trust Me, I'm an Archivist feature article archives, blog, born digital, cataloguing, christopher hilton, data, dave thompson, digital archive, digital curation, feature article, natalie walters, preservation, provenance, research, software, standards, wellcome library, issue65 issue65


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