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A Digital Library Showcase and Support Service - the Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE review archives, bibliographic data, cataloguing, copyright, digital library, dublin core, ead, file format, free software, gopher, html, identifier, infrastructure, intellectual property, library of congress, metadata, oclc, plain text, preservation, repositories, research, review, roy tennant, search technology, sgml, software, standards, sun microsystems, university of california berkeley, issue10 issue10
Access to Newspapers and Journals for Visually Impaired People: The Talking Newspaper Association of the UK review ascii, bbc, data, data compression, database, ebook, ejournal, higher education, html, ibm, mac os, neil h. mclachlan, project gutenberg, repositories, review, search technology, software, standards, windows, issue10 issue10
Blended Learning and Online Tutoring: Planning Learner Support and Activity Design review blog, e-learning, facebook, flickr, framework, higher education, instant messaging, learning design, lyn parker, open university, privacy, review, social networks, tagging, university of hertfordshire, university of sheffield, university of strathclyde, web 2.0, wiki, issue56 issue56
Book Review of The innovative school librarian review review, stella thebridge, warwickshire county council, issue76 issue76
Book Review of The Network Reshapes the Library review john kirriemuir, review, silversprite, issue76 issue76
Book Review: Access, Delivery, Performance - The Future of Libraries Without Walls review accessibility, archives, bibliographic data, british library, cataloguing, cerlim, controlled vocabularies, digital library, e-learning, facebook, flickr, framework, google, higher education, infrastructure, jisc, jisc information environment, knowledge management, manchester metropolitan university, metadata, michael day, mla, mobile, moodle, open source, open university, oreilly, preservation, repositories, research, review, rnib, semantic web, software, talis, ukoln, university of bath, university of brighton, university of california berkeley, university of central lancashire, victoria university, vle, vocabularies, w3c, wcag, web 2.0, web accessibility initiative, issue64 issue64
Book Review: Acquisitions in the New Information Universe review archives, ebook, eilidh mackay, framework, jisc information environment, open access, resource management, review, university of the west of england, issue65 issue65
Book Review: Against the Machine review bbc, bibliographic data, blog, facebook, google, intute, mahendra mahey, metadata, repositories, research, resource discovery, review, search technology, social networks, ukoln, university of bath, video, web 2.0, web resources, wikipedia, youtube, issue57 issue57
Book Review: Ajax in Oracle JDeveloper review ajax, apache, api, atom, cd-rom, database, framework, google, google books, java, javascript, operating system, oracle, pete cliff, php, review, rss, software, university of oxford, windows, xml, issue61 issue61
Book Review: Altmetrics: a practical guide for librarians, researchers and academics review elizabeth gadd, loughborough university, review, issue76 issue76
Book Review: Ambient Findability review bibliographic data, blog, emma tonkin, framework, georgia institute of technology, git, harvard university, identifier, interoperability, lemur, metadata, microsoft, mobile, oreilly, python, research, review, rfid, search technology, semantic web, university of bath, video, wikipedia, wireless, issue49 issue49
Book Review: Annual Review of Information Science and Technology, 2004 (Volume 38) review algorithm, archives, cache, copyright, data, data mining, data set, database, digital library, digital preservation, dublin city university, e-government, google, higher education, ict, identifier, indiana university, information retrieval, loughborough university, machine learning, massachusetts institute of technology, metadata, michael day, microsoft, mpeg, natural language processing, oais, preservation, repositories, research, review, search technology, sheffield hallam university, software, standards, ukoln, university of arizona, university of california berkeley, university of cambridge, university of hertfordshire, university of sheffield, university of sussex, university of wales, usability, video, xml, issue45 issue45
Book Review: Annual Review of Information Science and Technology, Volume 36 review algorithm, bibliometrics, copyright, data, data mining, database, digital library, edinburgh napier university, geospatial data, gis, google, indiana university, interoperability, knowledge management, machine learning, metadata, michael day, multimedia, preservation, privacy, research, resource discovery, review, search technology, semiotic, text mining, ukoln, university college dublin, university of bath, university of wisconsin, url, usability, victoria university, visualisation, issue36 issue36
Book Review: Annual Review of Information Science and Technology, Volume 37, 2003 review colin harris, information retrieval, information today, manchester metropolitan university, natural language processing, review, issue38 issue38
Book Review: Approximately 97 Things review bbc, bodleian libraries, creative commons, licence, open source, oreilly, pete cliff, review, software, university of oxford, wikipedia, issue63 issue63
Book Review: ARIST 39 - Annual Review of Information Science and Technology review algorithm, archives, curation, data, data mining, data set, database, digital library, digital preservation, dublin core, e-science, edinburgh napier university, ejournal, framework, google, hypertext, indiana university, information retrieval, information society, infrastructure, metadata, michael day, national academy of sciences, oxford university press, perseus, preservation, queens university belfast, research, review, search technology, social networks, taxonomy, ukoln, university of arizona, university of bath, university of cambridge, university of illinois, university of oxford, university of wolverhampton, usability, visualisation, issue46 issue46
Book Review: Being an Information Innovator review archives, google, john paschoud, london school of economics, manchester metropolitan university, research, review, youtube, issue68 issue68
Book Review: Blended Learning review ajax, blog, brian whalley, e-learning, higher education, ict, library management systems, perl, queens university belfast, review, standards, video, issue54 issue54
Book Review: Blended Learning and Online Tutoring review blog, course design, e-learning, lyn parker, oclc, open university, review, safari, university of sheffield, wiki, issue48 issue48
Book Review: Blogging and RSS - A Librarian's Guide review aggregation, amazon, blog, content syndication, file format, itunes, kara jones, perseus, podcast, review, rss, software, syndication, university of bath, issue51 issue51


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