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View from the Hill regular column cataloguing, data, ftp, issue4, john maccoll, regular column, software issue4
View from the Hill regular column elib, higher education, john kelleher, john maccoll, regular column, research, video, issue7 issue7
View from the Hill regular column ejournal, regular column, research, ruth jenkins, search technology, university of birmingham, issue13 issue13
View from the Hill regular column anne mumford, data, e-learning, higher education, jisc, licence, loughborough university, lyndon pugh, regular column, standardisation, standards, visualisation, issue15 issue15
Video Streaming of Events feature article algorithm, apache software foundation, apple, asf, avi, bbc, cache, codec, data, dvd, emma tonkin, feature article, file format, flash, flash video, gpl, graphics, greg tourte, h.263, h.264, ieee, infrastructure, interoperability, iwmw, licence, linux, mac os, microsoft, mp3, mpeg, mpeg-1, mpeg-2, mpeg-4, multimedia, ogg, ogg theora, preservation, quicktime, research, software, standards, streaming, theora, ukoln, university of bath, usability, video, video codec, video encoding, web development, wikipedia, windows, windows media, wireless, wmv, issue49 issue49
Versioning in Repositories: Implementing Best Practice feature article application profile, archives, bibliographic data, cataloguing, copyright, data, database, doi, dublin core, feature article, file format, framework, frbr, identifier, ifla, institutional repository, jenny brace, jisc, london school of economics, metadata, multimedia, niso, opendoar, preservation, rae, repositories, research, science and technology facilities council, search technology, software, standards, university of leeds, uri, vif, vocabularies, issue56 issue56
Version Identification: A Growing Problem feature article aggregation, application profile, bibliographic data, data, data set, datashare, dave puplett, dublin core, eprints, feature article, fedora commons, framework, geospatial application profile, geospatial data, gis, identifier, images application profile, jisc, learning objects, london school of economics, metadata, microsoft, multimedia, niso, open access, open source, opendoar, preservation, provenance, repositories, research, scholarly works application profile, science and technology facilities council, search technology, software, taxonomy, university of leeds, video, vif, vocabularies, issue54 issue54
VERITY project update algorithm, bibliographic data, bibliographic record, british library, browser, cataloguing, cd-rom, data, database, digital library, elib, ftp, graphics, hypertext, information retrieval, internet explorer, interoperability, opac, panayiotis periorellis, project update, research, search technology, software, standards, tagging, telnet, ukoln, university of sunderland, walter scales, web browser, windows, z39.50, issue17 issue17
V&A Core Systems Integration Project event report archives, bibliographic data, cataloguing, cidoc-crm, conrad taylor, data, data model, database, dcmi, digital asset management, dublin core, ead, event report, identifier, metadata, ontologies, open archives initiative, repositories, soap, software, standards, z39.50, issue53 issue53
Utilizing E-books to Enhance Digital Library Offerings feature article accessibility, aggregation, american library association, archives, authentication, bibliographic data, bibliographic record, browser, cataloguing, cd-rom, collection development, content management, d-lib magazine, data, database, digital library, digital preservation, digitisation, ebook, feature article, information architecture, information today, intellectual property, interoperability, jisc information environment, learning objects, lynn silipigni connaway, marc, metadata, oclc, preservation, repositories, research, search technology, shirley hyatt, software, standards, university of pittsburgh, url, web browser, worldcat, issue33 issue33
Using the Web for Academic Research: The Reading Experience Database Project feature article alexis weedon, ascii, bibliographic data, british library, data, database, feature article, microsoft, microsoft office, open university, research, search technology, standards, university of cambridge, university of london, university of luton, university of oxford, university of reading, university of surrey, url, issue28 issue28
Using Blogs for Formative Assessment and Interactive Teaching feature article archives, bbc, bibliographic data, blog, british library, cilip, database, e-learning, feature article, framework, harvard university, higher education, information society, licence, lisa foggo, northumbria university, privacy, research, rss, search technology, ukoln, university of york, url, visualisation, vocabularies, web 2.0, wiki, wireless application profile, issue51 issue51
Usability Inspection of Digital Libraries feature article accessibility, ajax, american library association, aquabrowser, boon low, british library, cataloguing, digital library, e-science, europeana, facebook, feature article, framework, ict, interoperability, iso, jisc, jisc information environment, lorraine paterson, national e-science centre, oreilly, personalisation, research, resource discovery, search technology, social networks, software, standardisation, standards, tag cloud, twitter, university of edinburgh, usability, ux2.0, web 2.0, worldcat, issue63 issue63
URL Monitoring Software and Services tooled up ascii, browser, cataloguing, data, database, ejournal, gif, graphics, html, issue3, jpeg, mac os, ncsa, paul hollands, perl, search technology, software, standards, tooled up, url, web browser, web resources, windows issue3
Upskilling Liaison Librarians for Research Data Management feature article andrew cox, archives, barbara sen, bibliographic data, bibliometrics, cataloguing, collection development, copyright, curation, data, data citation, data management, data set, datum for health, dcc, digital curation, digital library, e-research, e-science, eddy verbaan, feature article, framework, higher education, infrastructure, institutional repository, jisc, knowledge base, knowledge management, licence, metadata, northumbria university, open access, open data, open education, preservation, rdmrose, repositories, research, sconul, software, uk data archive, university of essex, university of sheffield, web portal, issue70 issue70
Updated JISC Guides Are Now Available feature article archives, bibliographic data, cataloguing, data, data set, emma beer, feature article, framework, further education, higher education, ict, infrastructure, jisc, multimedia, research, resource discovery, software, url, video, issue37 issue37
Unix: What Is mod_perl? tooled up access control, apache, api, archives, authentication, browser, cache, content negotiation, cookie, copyright, cpan, database, dom, ecmascript, google, google search, html, ian peacock, infrastructure, interoperability, intranet, java, javascript, knowledge base, microsoft, mysql, open source, open standard, oreilly, perl, personalisation, php, programming language, python, repositories, scripting language, search technology, standards, tooled up, uri, url, usability, web app, web browser, windows, issue21 issue21
Unix and the Web: Providing Web Access to Your Email tooled up apache, brian kelly, browser, copyright, intranet, licence, linux, microsoft, microsoft office, open source, passwords, php, research, scripting language, software, telnet, tooled up, ukoln, university of bath, url, web browser, windows, issue19 issue19
United Kingdom Serials Group Conference 2005 event report aggregation, archives, australian national university, authentication, blog, cataloguing, copyright, cranfield university, data, database, digitisation, dissemination, e-learning, ebook, ejournal, elsevier, event report, google, google scholar, institutional repository, intellectual property, interoperability, jisc, licence, nesli, newcastle university, open access, oucs, oxford university computing services, oxford university press, portal, rae, repositories, research, resource management, sarah pearson, sfx, stm, university college london, university of birmingham, university of oxford, university of southampton, vle, wellcome trust, issue43 issue43
Unique Identifiers in a Digital World event report andy powell, bibliographic control, bibliographic data, cd-rom, cnri, copyright, database, digital object identifier, doi, editeur, elib, elsevier, event report, handle system, identifier, ietf, iso, multimedia, research, resource discovery, search technology, software, standards, ukoln, university of bath, url, urn, video, issue8 issue8


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