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Wikido: Exploiting the Potential of Wikis event report api, authentication, blog, data, digital repositories, e-learning, event report, firefox, flickr, google, ict, imperial college london, interoperability, kings college london, marieke guy, metadata, open source, research, shibboleth, software, sword protocol, ukoln, university of bath, usability, web 2.0, web development, wiki, wikipedia, wireless, issue50 issue50
Wikipedia: Reflections on Use and Acceptance in Academic Environments feature article algorithm, amazon, augmented reality, bbc, brian whalley, creative commons, data, database, ebook, feature article, further education, hea, higher education, ipad, iphone, jisc, massachusetts institute of technology, metadata, mobile, oer, open access, oxford university press, portal, research, search technology, semantic web, software, university of exeter, university of oxford, university of sheffield, web 2.0, wiki, wikipedia, issue69 issue69
Windows Explorer: The Index Server Companion tooled up adobe, apache, brett burridge, browser, cataloguing, css, data, database, doc, e-business, file sharing, html, ldap, linux, microsoft, microsoft office, mobile, mysql, open source, operating system, oracle, perl, php, plain text, rtf, samba, search technology, software, sql, sql server, standards, tooled up, university of essex, url, web app, web browser, windows, issue33 issue33
Windows NT Explorer tooled up adobe, brett burridge, browser, cataloguing, database, doc, html, java, linux, microsoft, microsoft office, schema, search technology, software, standards, tooled up, university of essex, url, web development, windows, issue19 issue19
Windows NT Explorer tooled up brett burridge, browser, cataloguing, cookie, copyright, data, database, html, hypertext, intranet, javascript, ldap, licence, linux, microsoft, operating system, perl, php, programming language, scripting language, search technology, software, sql, sql server, tooled up, university of essex, url, web app, web browser, web development, windows, x.500, issue20 issue20
Windows NT Explorer tooled up access control, apache, brett burridge, browser, cache, cataloguing, cd-rom, copyright, data, data management, database, e-business, ftp, html, internet explorer, intranet, java, jisc, microsoft, operating system, oracle, passwords, perl, personalisation, scripting language, search technology, software, sql, sql server, standards, tooled up, ukoln, university of bath, university of essex, url, web app, web browser, web services, windows, xml, issue21 issue21
Windows NT Explorer: Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) regular column apache, authentication, brett burridge, data, database, e-business, html, ibm, javascript, microsoft, mobile, operating system, passwords, perl, php, programming language, regular column, soap, software, sql, sql server, uddi, university of essex, url, w3c, web app, web development, web services, windows, wsdl, xml, issue29 issue29
Wire: Brian Kelly regular column algorithm, apple, archives, brian kelly, browser, cache, gopher, html, ibm, infrastructure, issue4, java, mailbase, microsoft, multimedia, ncsa, newcastle university, niss, regular column, rtf, software, standardisation, standards, university of kent, university of leeds, university of manchester, university of sheffield, video, web browser, web futures, windows issue4
Wire: Dave Beckett, Interviewed regular column archives, browser, cache, cataloguing, database, dave beckett, dublin core, gnu, graphics, html, internet explorer, issue3, java, jisc, linux, metadata, mobile, operating system, png, regular column, research, resource discovery, rtf, search technology, software, sosig, standards, university of kent, visualisation, w3c, windows issue3
Wire: Email Interview with Chris Lilley regular column browser, chris lilley, css, data, dtd, gopher, graphics, hewlett-packard, higher education, html, ietf, internet explorer, interoperability, issue2, java, jisc, linux, mac os, microsoft, mobile, multimedia, png, regular column, rfc, rtf, sgml, software, standards, visualisation, w3c, web browser, windows issue2
Wire: Email Interview with Traugott Koch regular column archives, browser, cataloguing, cd-rom, data, database, dtd, elsevier, gopher, html, hypertext, information retrieval, issue1, java, lund university, mobile, oclc, purl, regular column, research, resource discovery, rtf, search technology, sgml, software, sosig, standards, tei, thesaurus, traugott koch, ukoln, university of cambridge, url, urn, video, web browser, windows issue1
Wire: Interview Via Email With Jon Knight and Martin Hamilton regular column acorn, archives, browser, cache, cataloguing, cd-rom, data, database, elib, ftp, gopher, graphics, html, internet explorer, java, javascript, jon knight, latex, linux, loughborough university, martin hamilton, metadata, ncsa, oclc, opac, perl, regular column, research, resource discovery, search technology, sgml, software, sosig, standards, talis, url, web browser, windows, issue9 issue9
Wire: Interview with Glen Monks regular column cache, cataloguing, copyright, data, flash, glen monks, java, mobile, regular column, search technology, software, standards, ukoln, university of bath, issue6 issue6
Wire: Interview with Icarus Sparry regular column bbc, cache, copyright, data, icarus sparry, internet explorer, java, javascript, mobile, regular column, research, search technology, telnet, university of bath, web browser, issue8 issue8
Wire: Interview with Jasper Tredgold regular column browser, cache, data, database, html, internet explorer, jasper tredgold, java, microsoft, mobile, perl, regular column, search technology, software, sosig, subject gateway, university of bristol, web browser, web development, web services, issue5 issue5
Wire: Interview with Nick Gibbins regular column accessibility, alt, browser, elib, ftp, gopher, hypertext, information retrieval, internet explorer, interoperability, java, javascript, mobile, nick gibbins, pics, regular column, research, search technology, software, university of cambridge, university of edinburgh, web browser, xml, issue7 issue7
WoPEc: Electronic Working Papers in Economics Services project update archives, bibliographic data, database, elib, free software, ftp, metadata, project update, research, search technology, software, thomas krichel, university of surrey, issue8 issue8
Workshop on E-Research, Digital Repositories and Portals event report api, archives, browser, caroline ingram, cclrc, claddier, data, database, dcc, digimap, digital curation, digital repositories, digitisation, dissemination, e-learning, e-research, e-science, edina, event report, framework, geospatial data, gis, google, identifier, iesr, infrastructure, institutional repository, intellectual property, internet explorer, interoperability, intute, java, jisc, jisc information environment, metadata, mimas, oai, oai-pmh, opendoar, portal, preservation, r4l, rae, repositories, research, resource discovery, rob allan, rob crouchley, romeo, rss, search technology, service registry, sherpa, tagging, uddi, uk data archive, university college london, university of hull, university of lancaster, university of leeds, university of nottingham, university of oxford, university of southampton, uportal, usb, virtual research environment, web 2.0, web services, wsrp, issue49 issue49
World Wide Web Conference 2004 event report algorithm, amazon, blog, browser, cookie, data, dave beckett, dns, event report, google, hypertext, ibm, lucene, microsoft, mobi, mobile, mobile phone, ontologies, open source, owl, privacy, rdf, repositories, research, rss, search technology, semantic web, skos, standardisation, standards, thesaurus, university of bristol, university of southampton, uri, w3c, web app, web development, wireless, xml, issue40 issue40
WWW2002 Here event report adobe, archives, blog, copyright, data, database, dublin core, event report, flash, google, graphics, html, ilrt, infrastructure, javascript, jisc, libby miller, metadata, pics, programming language, rdf, search technology, semantic web, sql, svg, ukoln, university of bath, university of bristol, url, vector graphics, w3c, web services, wireless, xml, xslt, issue32 issue32


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