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Article title Article type All taxonomy terms Issue number
A MAN for All Reasons? feature article cataloguing, derek law, elib, feature article, higher education, jisc, jpeg, library association, london business school, nhs, windows, issue2 issue2
Alta Vista Vs. Lycos feature article cataloguing, database, feature article, foi, hypertext, search technology, software, standards, tracey stanley, url, issue2 issue2
E-print Archives: Key to Paperless Journals feature article archives, dissemination, feature article, john maccoll, research, university of stirling, issue2 issue2
Spotlight on BIDS feature article bath information and data services, bibliographic data, bibliometrics, bldsc, browser, data, database, feature article, ftp, higher education, hypertext, isobel stark, mailbase, opac, research, search technology, software, university of bath, vt100, web browser, issue2 issue2
SEREN: Sharing of Educational Resources in an Electronic Network project update bldsc, british library, cataloguing, copyright, database, elib, higher education, ian lovecy, iso, national library, national library of wales, project update, research, search technology, seren, software, university of wales, video, z39.50, issue2 issue2
SOSIG: Social Science Information Gateway project update browser, cataloguing, database, elib, html, hypertext, information retrieval, lesly huxley, project update, research, search technology, software, sosig, udc, issue2 issue2
Netskills: A Major Training Programme project update archives, data, elib, higher education, java, jisc, jisc information environment, john kirriemuir, mailbase, newcastle university, niss, project update, research, search technology, sosig, university of hull, url, video, web browser, issue2 issue2
Interface regular column copyright, elib, html, ibm, java, jill foster, jisc, licence, mailbase, mobile, niss, regular column, research, software, sosig, ukerna, issue2 issue2
Down Your Way regular column alison kilgour, cataloguing, cd-rom, database, e-learning, gopher, graphics, oclc, opac, regular column, research, search technology, software, university of glasgow, web services, issue2 issue2
Down Your Very Long Way Away regular column bbc, data, faroes, higher education, john kirriemuir, national library, regular column, research, search technology, issue2 issue2
View from the Hill regular column higher education, lorcan dempsey, matthew evans, regular column, issue2 issue2
Minotaur regular column database, opac, regular column, research, ruth jenkins, issue2 issue2
Wire: Email Interview with Chris Lilley regular column browser, chris lilley, css, data, dtd, gopher, graphics, hewlett-packard, higher education, html, ietf, internet explorer, interoperability, java, jisc, linux, mac os, microsoft, mobile, multimedia, png, regular column, rfc, rtf, sgml, software, standards, visualisation, w3c, web browser, windows, issue2 issue2
Sideline regular column chris lilley, regular column, issue2 issue2
Copyright Corner regular column bibliographic control, bibliographic data, charles oppenheim, copyright, data, database, digitisation, dissemination, ecms, identifier, information society, infrastructure, intellectual property, licence, multimedia, passwords, privacy, regular column, research, search technology, software, standards, tagging, issue2 issue2
Burnside Writes regular column john burnside, regular column, issue2 issue2
Netskills eLib Project Launch event report cataloguing, copyright, elib, event report, java, john kirriemuir, mailbase, newcastle university, search technology, sosig, university of leeds, url, video, issue2 issue2
Report on the 'Networked Information in an International Context' Conference event report chris bailey, cni, data, elib, event report, jisc, metadata, princeton university, research, ukoln, issue2 issue2
Netskills Corner: NCSA Mosaic Web Browser tooled up authentication, brian kelly, browser, cache, graphics, html, java, javascript, microsoft, mobile, ncsa, newcastle university, open standard, plain text, software, tooled up, ukoln, uri, url, w3c, web futures, windows, issue2 issue2
From the Trenches: Network Services on a Shoestring tooled up apache, apache software foundation, ascii, authentication, browser, cd-rom, database, graphics, html, hypertext, ibm, jon knight, linux, loughborough university, mac os, microsoft, ncsa, opac, operating system, search technology, software, sql, standards, telnet, tooled up, video, vt100, web browser, windows, issue2 issue2


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