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Book Review: Copyright Compliance review archives, blog, cilip, copyright, creative commons, data, database, ebook, foi, information society, intellectual property, intranet, library association, licence, privacy, research, review, search technology, software, stuart hannabuss, university of oxford, issue56 issue56
Blended Learning and Online Tutoring: Planning Learner Support and Activity Design review blog, e-learning, facebook, flickr, framework, higher education, instant messaging, learning design, lyn parker, open university, privacy, review, social networks, tagging, university of hertfordshire, university of sheffield, university of strathclyde, web 2.0, wiki, issue56 issue56
Book Review: Web Accessibility review accessibility, bibliographic data, cerlim, content management, cookie, digital media, html, intranet, intranet focus ltd, jisc, jisc techdis, manchester metropolitan university, martin white, microsoft, microsoft office, research, review, rnib, search technology, sharepoint, software, standards, ukoln, university of bath, university of dundee, university of southampton, web accessibility initiative, web resources, issue56 issue56
Book Review: Website Optimization review ajax, apache, cache, cool uri, css, framework, google, html, jisc, metadata, microformats, open source, oreilly, pete cliff, rdf, repositories, repositories support project, research, resource description, review, rsp, search engine optimisation, search technology, semantic web, seo project, software, ukoln, university of bath, uri, video, w3c, wikipedia, wireless, issue57 issue57
Book Review: Managing the Crowd - Rethinking Records Management for the Web 2.0 World review blog, browser, data, foia, framework, jisc, marieke guy, metadata, powr, research, resource discovery, review, search technology, software, tagging, ukoln, university of bath, web 2.0, web development, issue57 issue57
Book Review: Patent Failure - How Judges, Bureaucrats, and Lawyers Put Innovators at Risk review algorithm, bibliographic data, data, ibm, intellectual property, microsoft, open source, review, software, stuart hannabuss, issue57 issue57
Book Review: Pro Web 2.0 Mashups review ajax, api, atom, blog, data, flickr, google, google maps, javascript, json, mashup, microformats, microsoft, microsoft office, oclc, openoffice, php, python, ralph levan, research, review, rss, search technology, soap, syndication, tagging, url, web 2.0, web services, xml, issue57 issue57
Book Review: Against the Machine review bbc, bibliographic data, blog, facebook, google, intute, mahendra mahey, metadata, repositories, research, resource discovery, review, search technology, social networks, ukoln, university of bath, video, web 2.0, web resources, wikipedia, youtube, issue57 issue57
Book Review: Presentation Zen - Simple Ideas on Presentation Design and Delivery review apple, blog, data, marieke guy, research, review, ukoln, university of bath, issue58 issue58
Book Review: Integrating Geographic Information Systems Into Library Services review bibliographic data, data, database, geospatial data, gis, google, interoperability, laurentian university, metadata, preservation, research, review, software, sylvie lafortune, vocabularies, issue58 issue58
Book Review: Making Sense With Metadata review application profile, bibliographic data, dcmi, digital library, dublin core, dublin core metadata initiative, emma tonkin, infrastructure, interoperability, metadata, namespace, repositories, research, review, schema, standards, ukoln, university of bath, issue58 issue58
Book Review: Transformative Learning Support Models in Higher Education review higher education, jisc, research, review, sarah ward, sheffield hallam university, university of bradford, university of cumbria, university of the highlands and islands, issue58 issue58
Book Review: Making Digital Cultures - Access, Interactivity, and Authenticity review archives, digital media, digitisation, lina coelho, review, issue59 issue59
Book Review: Managing Electronic Government Information in Libraries review american library association, archives, cd-rom, collection development, data, dissemination, dvd, e-government, geospatial data, gis, jisc information environment, laurentian university, preservation, resource discovery, review, sylvie lafortune, issue59 issue59
Book Review: Reader Development in Practice review abigail luthmann, cataloguing, ebook, manchester metropolitan university, review, west sussex county council, issue59 issue59
Book Review: Sketching Tomorrow - The Social Dynamics of Information and Communication Technology review data, emma tonkin, flash, framework, gnome, ict, mobile, personalisation, research, review, sms, twitter, ukoln, university of bath, issue59 issue59
Book Review: Digital Consumers - Reshaping the Information Professions review collection development, data set, google, html, information retrieval, muhammad rafiq, research, resource discovery, review, search technology, social web, university college london, university of glasgow, university of leicester, issue60 issue60
Book Review: GLUT - Mastering Information through the Ages review google, intranet, intranet focus ltd, martin white, research, review, software, issue60 issue60
Book Review: Libraries Designed for Kids review cilip, graphics, review, sara wingate gray, university college london, issue60 issue60
Book Review: Ajax in Oracle JDeveloper review ajax, apache, api, atom, cd-rom, database, framework, google, google books, java, javascript, operating system, oracle, pete cliff, php, review, rss, software, university of oxford, windows, xml, issue61 issue61


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