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The Eighth ACM International Hypertext Conference event report elib, event report, hypertext, infrastructure, liverpool john moores university, nick gibbins, research, university of edinburgh, video, web development, issue9 issue9
The eLib Hybrid Library Projects feature article agora, amazon, authentication, dissemination, dner, elib, feature article, heriot-watt university, higher education, infrastructure, jisc, jisc information environment, library management systems, london school of economics, michael breaks, multimedia, portal, research, search technology, software, talis, university of birmingham, university of east anglia, url, z39.50, issue28 issue28
The European Film Gateway feature article aacr2, accessibility, aggregation, archives, cataloguing, cidoc-crm, controlled vocabularies, copyright, crm, data, database, deutsches filminstitut, digital library, digital media, digitisation, dublin core, ead, europeana, feature article, framework, frbr, georg eckes, google, identifier, infrastructure, intellectual property, interoperability, iso, metadata, monika elbert, mpeg, oai, oai-pmh, open source, p/meta, portal, preservation, repositories, request for comments, research, resource description and access, rfc, schema, search technology, software, sru, standardisation, standards, tagging, unicode, vocabularies, z39.50, issue58 issue58
The European Library: Integrated Access to the National Libraries of Europe feature article application profile, archives, authentication, bibliographic data, britta woldering, browser, cataloguing, collection description, copyright, data, database, dcmi, dublin core, dublin core metadata initiative, e-business, feature article, html, hypertext, identifier, infrastructure, interoperability, javascript, metadata, metadata model, namespace, national library, oai, oai-pmh, open archives initiative, open source, openurl, portal, python, research, rslp, search technology, soap, software, sru, srw, url, web browser, web services, xhtml, xml, xsl, z39.50, issue38 issue38
The Evolution of an Institutional E-prints Archive at the University of Glasgow feature article apache, archives, bibliographic data, browser, california digital library, cataloguing, copyright, d-lib magazine, daedalus, data, digital library, dublin core, eprints, feature article, further education, graphics, higher education, html, java, jisc, lcsh, library of congress, metadata, mysql, oai, oai-pmh, open access, open archives initiative, perl, repositories, research, schema, search technology, software, solaris, standards, university of glasgow, url, william nixon, xml, issue32 issue32
The ExamNet Project at De Montfort University feature article adobe, api, archives, authentication, cataloguing, copyright, data, database, david james houghton, de montfort university, digital library, document format, e-learning, feature article, ftp, html, jpeg, latex, mac os, metadata, microsoft, ocr, optical character recognition, perl, search technology, software, standards, tiff, url, windows, zip, issue18 issue18
The Filling in the PIE: HeadLine's Resource Data Model feature article authentication, bibliographic data, bibliographic record, cataloguing, d-lib magazine, data, data model, data set, database, ejournal, elib, feature article, graphics, html, identifier, interoperability, iso, jisc information environment, john paschoud, library management systems, licence, london school of economics, metadata, microsoft, mis, object database, preservation, repositories, research, rslp, schema, search technology, software, sql, standards, thesaurus, url, usability, z39.50, issue27 issue27
The Fourth DCC-RIN Research Data Management Forum event report algorithm, archives, bbc, curation, data, data management, data set, dcc, digital archive, digital curation, event report, foi, framework, graham pryor, higher education, infrastructure, jisc, licence, martin donnelly, metadata, nhs, preservation, repositories, research, research information network, social networks, standards, the national archives, uk data archive, ulcc, university of bristol, university of edinburgh, university of london, university of manchester, issue63 issue63
The Future Is Hybrid: Edinburgh event report agora, archives, authentication, british library, browser, cataloguing, cd-rom, cerlim, copyright, data, database, dner, elib, event report, flash, framework, google, html, jisc, jisc information environment, john maccoll, ldap, library management systems, manchester metropolitan university, metadata, multimedia, personalisation, philip hunter, portal, portfolio, research, resource discovery, search technology, software, talis, ukoln, university of bath, university of birmingham, university of east anglia, university of edinburgh, university of oxford, url, video, web browser, z39.50, issue27 issue27
The Future Is Hybrid: London event report accessibility, agora, british library, copyright, data, digital preservation, dner, elib, event report, framework, identifier, intellectual property, jisc information environment, kate robinson, managed learning environment, portal, preservation, research, university of bath, url, usability, web resources, issue26 issue26
The Future Is Hybrid: Manchester event report browser, dner, event report, jim strom, multimedia, rtsp, university of manchester, url, video, issue27 issue27
The Future of Cataloguing: Cataloguing and Indexing Group Conference event report aacr2, aggregation, archives, authority data, bibliographic data, british library, cain, catalogue index, cataloguing, cilip, content management, controlled vocabularies, data, database, digital library, e-government, event report, framework, frbr, gif, ifla, information retrieval, internet explorer, interoperability, isbd, jisc, jisc information environment, leeds metropolitan university, library of congress, marc, marc21, metadata, nhs, oclc, paola stillone, research, resource description and access, schema, search technology, sheffield hallam university, software, standards, tagging, taxonomy, ukoln, unicode, university college london, university of bath, university of strathclyde, vocabularies, web resources, worldcat, xml, xml schema, issue40 issue40
The Future of Digitising at the State Library of Victoria, Australia project update accessibility, bibliographic data, bibliographic database, cataloguing, catherine herman, copyright, data, database, digital library, html, indra kurzeme, infrastructure, jpeg, marc, metadata, multimedia, preservation, project update, real audio, repositories, search technology, software, standards, url, video, issue9 issue9
The Future of Interoperability and Standards in Education: A JISC CETIS Event event report adl, agile development, apache, apple, archives, atom, becta, blog, bsi, cetis, data, dcmi, dublin core, dublin core metadata initiative, e-business, e-learning, event report, hashtag, higher education, identifier, ieee, ietf, ims, ims glc, ims global learning consortium, interoperability, iso, jisc, linked data, metadata, oai, oai-pmh, open archives initiative, open source, repositories, rss, sarah currier, scorm, search technology, semantic web, sru, standardisation, standards, sword protocol, twitter, ukoln, university of bolton, url, usability, web 2.0, wiki, xcri, issue62 issue62
The Future of the Past of the Web event report aggregation, algorithm, api, archives, arcomem, bbc, big data, blog, british library, browser, bsi, cache, curation, data, data mining, data model, dcc, digital asset management, digital curation, digital library, digital preservation, digital preservation coalition, digitisation, dissemination, doi, event report, flickr, google, hanzo archives, identifier, institute of historical research, internet archive, interoperability, iso, jisc, kings college london, library data, library of congress, lod, matthew brack, memento, metadata, nhs, oxford internet institute, preservation, repositories, research, search technology, social web, software, tag cloud, the national archives, twitter, uk government web archive, ulcc, university of oxford, university of sheffield, uri, url, visualisation, warc, wayback machine, web resources, wellcome library, wordpress, youtube, issue68 issue68
The Glass of Fashion and the Mould of Form review accessibility, annette lafford, authentication, authentication service, browser, cataloguing, data, database, framework, graphics, higher education, jisc, niss, review, search technology, software, standards, udc, url, web services, issue12 issue12
The Good, the Bad and the Useless feature article bibliographic data, browser, carnegie mellon university, cd-rom, collection development, copac, copyright, data, database, edina, elib, feature article, java, judith edwards, licence, passwords, search technology, software, subject gateway, university college london, url, web browser, issue16 issue16
The Historic Hospitals Admission Records Project feature article accessibility, andrea tanner, archives, data, data set, database, digitisation, feature article, hharp, institute of historical research, kingston university, metadata, microsoft, nhs, research, scarlet, search technology, standardisation, standards, sue hawkins, tagging, wellcome trust, issue60 issue60
The History of History project update archives, bibliographic data, british library, browser, data, data set, elib, further education, higher education, ibm, ihr-info, information society, institute of historical research, jisc, metadata, project update, research, resource discovery, search technology, stephen smith, telnet, university of london, issue12 issue12
The Horse That Isn't There: 1997 US Digital Libraries Initiative Meeting event report chris rusbridge, digital library, elib, event report, issue10 issue10


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