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The LIPARM Project: A New Approach to Parliamentary Metadata feature article archives, cataloguing, controlled vocabularies, data, digital library, digitisation, e-research, feature article, identifier, interoperability, jisc, kings college london, library of congress, liparm, metadata, multimedia, national library, national library of wales, rdf, research, research information management, richard gartner, schema, uri, vocabularies, xml, xml schema, issue70 issue70
The Management of Content: Universities and the Electronic Publishing Revolution feature article archives, cataloguing, content management, data, database, e-learning, feature article, higher education, html, imperial college london, massachusetts institute of technology, oxford university press, philip hunter, repositories, research, sgml, software, ukoln, university college london, university of cambridge, university of oxford, url, w3c, web services, xml, issue28 issue28
The MrCute Repository: The Next Phase feature article blog, copyright, dissemination, feature article, helen brady, ims, institutional repository, jisc, jorum, learning objects, metadata, moodle, open source, repositories, research, search technology, usability, video, vle, worcester college of technology, issue58 issue58
The National Centre for Text Mining: A Vision for the Future feature article blog, controlled vocabularies, data, data management, data mining, database, digital library, doi, e-learning, e-research, e-science, feature article, framework, google, google scholar, ibm, identifier, information retrieval, infrastructure, intellectual property, interoperability, jisc, knowledge management, machine learning, metadata, microsoft, named entity recognition, natural language processing, ontologies, open access, open source, portal, repositories, research, search technology, semantic web, social networks, software, sophia ananiadou, text mining, uima, university of manchester, usability, visualisation, vocabularies, web services, issue53 issue53
The National Centre for Text Mining: Aims and Objectives feature article algorithm, archives, bibliographic data, cache, cataloguing, controlled vocabularies, crm, curation, data, data mining, data set, database, digital library, dissemination, feature article, framework, gnu, identifier, information retrieval, internet explorer, jisc, john keane, john mcnaught, julia chruszcz, knowledge management, machine learning, massachusetts institute of technology, medical subject headings, metadata, mimas, named entity recognition, national library, natural language processing, nhs, ontologies, open access, open source, paul watry, portal, repositories, research, search technology, semantic web, software, sophia ananiadou, standards, text mining, university of cambridge, university of liverpool, university of manchester, university of salford, university of tokyo, vocabularies, web services, issue42 issue42
The National Internet Accessibility Database (NIAD) regular column accessibility, cataloguing, copyright, database, e. a. draffon, jisc, knowledge base, regular column, research, ukoln, university of bath, university of sussex, url, issue22 issue22
The Networked Library Service Layer: Sharing Data for More Effective Management and Cooperation feature article aggregation, algorithm, amazon, archives, atom, authentication, authority data, bibliographic data, blog, cataloguing, copyright, data, data set, database, digital library, digital repositories, digitisation, feature article, framework, ftp, google, identifier, ietf, ifla, information retrieval, interoperability, iso, janifer gatenby, knowledge base, library data, library management systems, library of congress, licence, marc21, mashup, metadata, niso, oai, oai-pmh, oclc, opac, open archives initiative, openurl, portal, preservation, rdf, repositories, research, resource management, rfc, rss, schema, search technology, social networks, software, sru, standardisation, standards, syndication, uri, url, web portal, web services, worldcat, z39.50, z39.88, issue56 issue56
The NHS, the Internet and Libraries: The NHS Anglia and Oxford Internet Project feature article archives, database, dissemination, elib, feature article, higher education, judy palmer, myles chippendale, nhs, research, resource sharing, software, university of oxford, issue9 issue9
The Norwegian National Digital Library feature article alt, archives, bibliographic data, blog, cataloguing, copyright, data, digital archive, digital library, digital media, digital preservation, digital repositories, digitisation, dissemination, europeana, feature article, framework, google, infrastructure, library association, licence, marianne takle, metadata, national library, portal, preservation, privacy, repositories, research, search technology, web services, issue60 issue60
The Online Exhibition: The OMNI Perspective event report bibliographic data, cd-rom, database, elsevier, event report, ims, ims global, intranet, java, lisa gray, omni project, research, search technology, software, university of cambridge, web resources, issue13 issue13
The Open Archives Forum feature article archives, bibliographic data, cataloguing, cornell university, d-lib magazine, data, database, digital archive, digital library, digitisation, dissemination, dublin core, feature article, framework, friederike schimmelpfennig, infrastructure, interoperability, metadata, oai, open archives initiative, peter schirmbacher, portal, repec, repositories, research, search technology, software, standards, susanne dobratz, ukoln, url, web portal, xml, issue31 issue31
The OpenURL and OpenURL Framework: Demystifying Link Resolution tooled up ann apps, ansi, archives, authentication, british library, cookie, data, database, digital library, digital object identifier, doi, dublin core, editeur, ejournal, framework, google, identifier, infrastructure, internet explorer, interoperability, knowledge base, metadata, microsoft, mimas, niso, oai, oai-pmh, open archives initiative, open source, openurl, personalisation, portfolio, repositories, research, rss, schema, search technology, semantic web, sfx, shibboleth, simple dublin core, soap, software, standardisation, standards, syndication, tooled up, university of manchester, usability, xml, xml schema, z39.88, zetoc, issue38 issue38
The Paper House of Cards (And Why It's Taking So Long to Collapse) feature article archives, association of research libraries, dissemination, dublin core, elsevier, feature article, ftp, hefce, higher education, information society, institute of physics, library association, licence, massachusetts institute of technology, multimedia, research, search technology, stevan harnad, university of cambridge, university of southampton, url, issue8 issue8
The People's Library feature article feature article, higher education, infrastructure, lyndon pugh, research, issue14 issue14
The People's Network and the Learning Revolution: Building the NOF Digitize Programme feature article accessibility, archives, digitisation, dner, feature article, framework, further education, ict, intellectual property, interoperability, national library, national library of wales, portal, susi woodhouse, ukoln, url, video, issue29 issue29
The Performance-based Funding Model: Creating New Research Databases in Sweden and Norway feature article aggregation, bibliographic data, bibliographic database, cataloguing, data, database, dissemination, doi, feature article, higher education, leif eriksson, national library, open access, oracle, portal, rae, repositories, research, search technology, ssh, uppsala university, visualisation, worldcat, issue71 issue71
The Personalisation of the Digital Library event report agora, amazon, anne ramsden, authentication, cataloguing, cni, coalition for networked information, content management, data, database, digital library, event report, higher education, information retrieval, infrastructure, interoperability, jisc, jisc information environment, knowledge media institute, learning objects, london school of economics, metadata, michelle perrott, namespace, ontologies, open university, personalisation, portal, privacy, research, semantic web, soap, software, ukoln, uportal, url, videoconferencing, vocabularies, web browser, web portal, web resources, web services, issue34 issue34
The Portole Project: Supporting E-learning feature article algorithm, bibliographic data, cataloguing, data, database, digital library, dner, dublin core, e-learning, feature article, google, google search, html, ims, information architecture, infrastructure, internet explorer, jafer, java, jisc, jisc information environment, marc, marc21, matthew dovey, metadata, microsoft, mina sotiriou, multimedia, open source, openurl, portal, portole, resource discovery, schema, scripting language, search technology, software, sql, sql server, standards, subject gateway, tracey stanley, university of leeds, university of oxford, vle, web resources, xml, xml schema, xslt, z39.50, issue38 issue38
The Potential of Learning Analytics and Big Data feature article algorithm, bbc, big data, browser, cybernetics, data, data mining, database, demetra katsifli, doi, e-learning, educational data mining, feature article, framework, google, hadoop, higher education, identifier, ieee, jenzabar, learning analytics, learning design, london knowledge lab, manolis mavrikis, modelling, mooc, patricia charlton, personalisation, research, search technology, semantic web, social networks, software, streaming, video, visualisation, issue71 issue71
The REMAP Project: Steps Towards a Repository-enabled Information Environment feature article archives, browser, chris awre, clif, content management, data, digital preservation, doc, droid, dublin core, feature article, fedora commons, framework, glasgow caledonian university, harvard university, hydra, information architecture, institutional repository, jisc, jisc information environment, kings college london, metadata, mods, preservation, remap project, repomman, repositories, richard green, rss, schema, search technology, software, standards, stanford university, the national archives, tiff, university of hull, university of virginia, url, web services, issue59 issue59


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