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Brian Whalley

W. Brian Whalley
Visiting Professor
University of Sheffield

Brian Whalley has retired from formal education and research in HE but now spends time catching up on previous sins of omission in writing up his glaciology research and contributions to student use of computers in fieldwork. He is a co-investigator on an HEA-funded project on ‘Enhancing Fieldwork Learning’ and is also involved with developing metadata for fieldwork images and data.

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July 2012

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Number of Ariadne articles written (or co-written) by this author: 11.

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Book Review: Information Need - A Theory Connecting Information Search to Knowledge Formation

Brian Whalley reviews a book about a new theory of ‘information need’ that builds upon the ideas of Allen and Taylor from the 1960s to provide a basis for information searching.

issue69 July 2012

data, further education, google, higher education, jisc, knowledge base, massachusetts institute of technology, metadata, modelling, ontologies, oxford university press, research, search technology, semantic web, tablet computer, university of cambridge, university of oxford, university of sheffield

Wikipedia: Reflections on Use and Acceptance in Academic Environments

In the light of a workshop run by the Geological Society of London and Wikimedia UK, Brian Whalley reflects on the attitudes and practice of academia in respect of present-day Wikipedia content.

issue69 July 2012

algorithm, amazon, augmented reality, bbc, creative commons, data, database, ebook, further education, hea, higher education, ipad, iphone, jisc, massachusetts institute of technology, metadata, mobile, oer, open access, oxford university press, portal, research, search technology, semantic web, software, university of exeter, university of oxford, university of sheffield, web 2.0, wiki, wikipedia

Book Review: Learning with Online and Mobile Technologies

Brian Whalley looks at a student survival aid in the information age that should also be valuable for tutors.

issue65 October 2010

apple, blog, data, e-learning, ebook, google, higher education, ict, linux, microsoft, mobile, open source, openoffice, png, podcast, queens university belfast, repositories, software, usb, wiki, wikipedia, youtube

E-books and E-content 2010: Data As Content

Brian Whalley reports on a meeting dealing with academic data management and some JISC projects concerned with institutional responses to the need to manage research data more effectively.

issue64 July 2010

archives, british library, cloud computing, data, data citation, data management, data mining, data set, database, datacite, doi, ebook, eprints, fedora commons, flash, foi, framework, google, google scholar, higher education, identifier, information retrieval, infrastructure, jisc, metadata, mp3, multimedia, national library, ogg, peg-board, preservation, queens university belfast, rdf, repositories, research, research information network, resource description, search technology, semantic web, serials solutions, sparql, streaming, sudamih, text mining, university college london, university of manchester, university of oxford, university of southampton, video

Book Review: iPad - The Missing Manual

Brian Whalley reviews a manual to help support your use of an iPad - 'the book that should have been in the box'.

issue64 July 2010

amazon, apple, browser, ebook, ipad, iphone, itunes, linux, mac os, mobile, oreilly, queens university belfast, safari, search technology, video, youtube

Book Review: Supporting Research Students

Brian Whalley reviews a work which helps Library and Information Science Staff at Higher Education Institutions to support their research students.

issue63 April 2010

bibliographic data, data, gis, google, google scholar, higher education, hypertext, microsoft, multimedia, ontologies, open source, queens university belfast, refworks, research, university of hull, virtual research environment, web 2.0, wikipedia

Product Review: The IPad and the Educator, First Impressions

Brian Whalley reports on his initial impressions of the new Apple iPad in the first three weeks since its release in the USA and what it has to offer the mobile educator.

issue63 April 2010

adobe, alt, alt-c, apple, bbc, data, drm, ebook, flash, google, google scholar, graphics, html, html5, hypertext, ipad, iphone, itunes, jpg, podcast, queens university belfast, usb, video, wiki

Book Review: My Word! Plagiarism and College Culture

Brian Whalley reviews a look at this problem from an American anthropologist and finds there is more in it than just a consideration of plagiarism.

issue62 January 2010

bibliographic data, copyright, cornell university, higher education, intellectual property, queens university belfast, software, video

Book Review: Blended Learning

Brian Whalley reviews Barbara Allan's book on blended learning for Information and Library Science staff and educational developers.

issue54 January 2008

ajax, blog, e-learning, higher education, ict, library management systems, perl, queens university belfast, standards, video

e-Books for the Future: Here but Hiding?

Brian Whalley outlines some developments in e-book technologies and links them to existing ways of presenting textbook information.

issue49 October 2006

aggregation, archives, bbc, bibliographic data, blog, browser, cataloguing, cetis, copyright, creative commons, data, database, digital asset management, digital library, digital repositories, dspace, e-learning, eboni, ebook, ejournal, exif, file format, flash, google, google books, hewlett-packard, higher education, hypertext, internet explorer, interoperability, itunes, jisc, jorum, learning objects, licence, mac os, massachusetts institute of technology, metadata, mobile, mp3, multimedia, open source, ples, podcast, portal, project gutenberg, queens university of belfast, rae, repositories, research, rss, scorm, search technology, software, sql, standards, syndication, thesaurus, vle, widget, wiki, wikipedia, wikisource, wireless, youtube

Electronic Journals, Evolutionary Niches

Brian Whalley describes what academics want from their journals and shows how these criteria can be met by an on-line journal.

issue3 May 1996

ejournal, gis, passwords, rae, research, search technology
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