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Charles Oppenheim

Charles Oppenheim

Charles Oppenheim was, until he retired in 2009, Professor of Information Science at Loughborough University, and is currently a Visiting Professor at Queensland University. Previously he held posts in academia and the electronic publishing industry.

Charles has undertaken research in, given talks on, and published widely on all aspects of information law, especially Intellectual Property Rights and licences, and on bibliometrics and research assessment. He is a consultant to a number of private and public sector bodies. He is a member of the UK’s Libraries and Archives Copyright Alliance, and of the team that negotiates licences on behalf of the UK higher and further education communities with the Copyright Licensing Agency. He is also a member of the European Commission’s Legal Advisory Board.

He can be followed on Twitter: @CharlesOppenh

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May 2012

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Book Review: Copyright - Interpreting the Law for Libraries, Archives and Information Services

Charles Oppenheim sees much to like in the new edition of this work by a well-known authority but identifies one potentially major drawback.

issue62 January 2010

archives, blog, cloud computing, copyright, data, database, intellectual property, intranet, licence, loughborough university, web 2.0, web2rights, wiki

Book Review: Introduction to Modern Information Retrieval

Charles Oppenheim sees improvements in this second edition but has reservations about one of the few UK-based texts on this subject.

issue39 April 2004

archives, bibliographic data, cataloguing, database, digital library, ejournal, information retrieval, loughborough university, natural language processing, open archives initiative, search technology

Book Review: Introductory Concepts in Information Science

Charles Oppenheim takes a look at an introduction to Information Science but fails to be impressed.

issue65 October 2010

accessibility, bibliometrics, british library, british museum, copyright, digital library, digital repositories, google, information retrieval, loughborough university, open access, repositories, research, resource management, software, url

Book Review: The E-copyright Handbook

Charles Oppenheim takes a look at the latest of Paul Pedley’s copyright guidance books, and, in some respects, finds it wanting.

issue70 November 2012

bbc, bibliographic data, bibliometrics, cloud computing, copyright, data, database, de montfort university, dissemination, google, google books, jisc, loughborough university, open access, research, standards, streaming, university of strathclyde, url, web 2.0

Book Review: The History and Heritage of Scientific and Technological Information Systems

Charles Oppenheim takes a look at this series of personal and researched historical analyses of the history of computerised information retrieval systems, and finds it makes fascinating reading if you are interested in such things.

issue46 February 2006

agris, information retrieval, loughborough university, research, search technology

Copyright Battles: The Shetland News

Charles Oppenheim takes a look at the Shetland Times versus Shetland News copyright case, and its implications for users of the World Wide Web.

issue6 November 1996

bbc, copyright, data, database, hypertext, intellectual property, licence, search technology, standards, url, wipo

Copyright Corner

Charles Oppenheim details some of the legal issues associated with electronic copyright management systems.

issue2 March 1996

bibliographic control, bibliographic data, copyright, data, database, digitisation, dissemination, ecms, identifier, information society, infrastructure, intellectual property, licence, multimedia, passwords, privacy, research, search technology, software, standards, tagging

Copyright Corner

Charles Oppenheim on the copyright issues that all eLib (and many other projects) should be aware of.

issue3 May 1996

cataloguing, copyright, digital library, ecms, elib, hefce, intellectual property, licence, metadata, multimedia, repositories, research, search technology, software, standards

Copyright Corner

Charles Oppenheim answers copyright queries.

issue11 September 1997

bldsc, browser, copyright, de montfort university, graphics, html, lbs, licence, london business school, opac, research, software, standards, tiff, university of oxford, url

Copyright Corner

Charles Oppenheim answers copyright queries.

issue12 November 1997

bibliographic data, cataloguing, copyright, de montfort university, harvard university, internet explorer, licence, loughborough university, research, standards, university of southampton, url, web resources

Copyright Corner

Charles Oppenheim answers your copyright queries.

issue13 January 1998

birkbeck college, cataloguing, copyright, database, de montfort university, higher education, licence, ocr, opac, research, university of strathclyde

Copyright Corner

Charles Oppenheim answers your copyright queries.

issue14 March 1998

archives, birkbeck college, british library, copyright, de montfort university, ejournal, licence, research, university of exeter, url

Copyright Info on the Net

Charles Oppenheim takes a look at some of the Web sites and Bulletin Boards that contain information on copyright issues.

issue5 September 1996

browser, cni, copyright, data, de montfort university, graphics, html, intellectual property, licence, multimedia, research, search technology, software, tilburg university, url

Copyright Issues in Projects Funded by the Electronic Libraries Programme

After several months experience of dealing with copyright and the eLib programme, Charles Oppenheim returns to the major issues that have a risen.

issue7 January 1997

bbc, copyright, data, database, elib, higher education, hypertext, intellectual property, jisc, licence, machine-readable data, multimedia, object database, research, sgml, url

Creative Commons Licences in Higher and Further Education: Do We Care?

Naomi Korn and Charles Oppenheim discuss the history and merits of using Creative Commons licences while questioning whether these licences are indeed a panacea.

issue49 October 2006

archives, copyright, creative commons, database, e-learning, framework, further education, hefce, intellectual property, jisc, jorum, licence, loughborough university, microsoft, microsoft office, open access, open source, open university, research, search technology, standards, wikipedia, youtube

Googlepository and the University Library

Sue Manuel and Charles Oppenheim discuss the concept of Google as a repository within the wider context of resource management and provision in Further and Higher Education.

issue53 October 2007

access control, aggregation, algorithm, alt, archives, archives hub, bibliographic data, blog, born digital, cataloguing, cetis, copyright, d-lib magazine, data, database, dcc, digital curation, digital library, digital preservation, digital repositories, dissemination, e-learning, google, google search, higher education, identifier, ieee, ieee lom, information architecture, information retrieval, jisc, jisc information environment, learning object metadata, learning objects, librarything, lom, loughborough university, massachusetts institute of technology, metadata, midess, multimedia, open access, open library, oreilly, preservation, provenance, repositories, research, resource discovery, search technology, social software, standards, tagging, university of cambridge, usability, web services, web standards

Mandated Online RAE CVs Linked to University Eprint Archives: Enhancing UK Research Impact and Assessment

Stevan Harnad, Les Carr, Tim Brody and Charles Oppenheim make a case for maximising the advantages and the UK's pre-eminence in the Research Assessment Exercise.

issue35 April 2003

accessibility, archives, arl, british library, copyright, data, database, dissemination, eprints, gnu, higher education, information today, licence, loughborough university, metadata, rae, research, romeo, search technology, semantic web, software, url

Models of Early Adoption of ICT Innovations in Higher Education

Melanie Bates, Sue Manuel and Charles Oppenheim provide an overview of some considerations for change agents attempting to introduce an innovative new information communication technology service into Higher Education institutions.

issue50 January 2007

data, dissemination, e-government, e-learning, framework, higher education, ict, identifier, information society, infrastructure, jisc, loughborough university, operating system, repositories, research, social networks, vle, web development, windows

Moral Rights

Charles Oppenheim describes the issues and pitfalls in this often overlooked area of copyright legislation. If you are involved in any digital libraries project that deals with other peoples' material held in an electronic form, read this article.

issue4 July 1996

copyright, elib, multimedia

The RoMEO Project: Protecting Metadata in an Open Access Environment

Elizabeth Gadd, Charles Oppenheim and Steve Probets describe how the RoMEO Project is seeking to safeguard freely available metadata disclosed and harvested under the OAI Protocol for Metadata Harvesting.

issue36 July 2003

archives, copyright, creative commons, data, database, dissemination, eprints, framework, institute of physics, intellectual property, jisc, licence, loughborough university, metadata, oai, oai-pmh, odrl, open access, open archives initiative, provenance, rdf, repositories, research, romeo, schema, standards, uri, url, xml, xml schema

Why Pay for Content?

Charles Oppenheim reports on the half-day event organised by the Publishers Association at the Faraday Lecture Theatre, Royal Institution, London on 24 June 2009.

issue60 July 2009

jisc, jisc collections, loughborough university, open access, research, stm
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