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Daniel Chudnov
Librarian / Programmer
Yale Center for Medical Informatics

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July 2006

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Number of Ariadne articles written (or co-written) by this author: 2.

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Towards Library Groupware With Personalised Link Routing

Daniel Chudnov, Jeremy Frumkin, Jennifer Weintraub, Matthew Wilcox and Raymond Yee describe a potential groupware framework for integrating access to diverse information resources and distributed personal collection development.

issue40 July 2004

amazon, archives, authentication, bibliographic data, blog, cataloguing, collection development, content packaging, d-lib magazine, database, digital library, framework, google, harvard university, higher education, ims, ims content packaging, information today, massachusetts institute of technology, metadata, mets, oclc, open knowledge initiative, oregon state university, personalisation, portal, repositories, research, search technology, shibboleth, software, standards, technorati, university of california berkeley, uportal, url, web resources, yale university

Opening Up OpenURLs with Autodiscovery

Daniel Chudnov, Richard Cameron, Jeremy Frumkin, Ross Singer and Raymond Yee demonstrate a 'gather locally, share globally' approach to OpenURLs and metadata autodiscovery in scholarly and non-scholarly environments.

issue43 April 2005

archives, bibliographic data, bison, blog, browser, cataloguing, citeulike, cookie, d-lib magazine, data, database, digital library, firefox, framework, georgia institute of technology, google, google scholar, html, identifier, iesr, ims, ims global learning consortium, infrastructure, interoperability, javascript, jisc, jisc information environment, library of congress, lucene, metadata, mets, mods, niso, oai, oai-pmh, oclc, open archives initiative, openurl, oregon state university, personalisation, repositories, research, rss, sakai, schema, search technology, service registry, sfx, software, sru, srw, standards, technorati, uddi, university of california berkeley, url, usability, web browser, web resources, web services, wordpress, wsdl, xml, yale university
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