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Dave Thompson
Digital Curator
Wellcome Library
183 Euston Road

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Most frequently used terms in this author's articles (ordered by total usage / articles): "preservation", "archives", "wellcome library", "metadata", "data", "digital archive", "born digital", "dcc", "fedora commons", "repositories". See interactive data charts for more details on all tags associated with this author.

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October 2010

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Number of Ariadne articles written (or co-written) by this author: 6.

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Automating Harvest and Ingest of the Medical Heritage Library

Christy Henshaw, Dave Thompson and João Baleia describe an automated process to harvest medical books and pamphlets from the Internet Archive into the Wellcome Library’s Digital Services environment.

issue73 February 2015

abbyy, api, bibliographic database, born digital, browser, cataloguing, csv, data, database, digital asset management, digital library, digitisation, dissemination, html5, identifier, internet archive, javascript, jisc, jpeg, jpeg 2000, json, marc, metadata, mets, ocr, optical character recognition, preservation, research, search technology, standards, stylesheet, university college london, university of bristol, university of glasgow, university of leeds, wellcome library, wellcome trust, xml, xslt, z39.50

Trust Me, I'm an Archivist

Christopher Hilton, Dave Thompson and Natalie Walters describe some of the issues of engaging with donors when it comes to transferring born-digital material to the Library.

issue65 October 2010

archives, blog, born digital, cataloguing, data, digital archive, digital curation, preservation, provenance, research, software, standards, wellcome library

A Pragmatic Approach to Preferred File Formats for Acquisition

Dave Thompson sets out the pragmatic approach to preferred file formats for long-term preservation used at the Wellcome Library.

issue63 April 2010

aggregation, archives, born digital, cd-rom, collection development, data, database, digital archive, digital preservation, dissemination, drm, file format, framework, internet explorer, jpeg, jpeg 2000, metadata, microsoft, microsoft office, mpeg, open source, openoffice, preservation, provenance, real audio, repositories, software, standards, tiff, usb, video, wellcome library, xml

Further Experiences in Collecting Born Digital Archives at the Wellcome Library

Chris Hilton and Dave Thompson continue discussing plans for the engagement with born digital archival material at the Wellcome Library.

issue53 October 2007

archives, born digital, data, digital archive, digital curation, digitisation, fedora commons, framework, infrastructure, metadata, preservation, provenance, repositories, software, wellcome library, wellcome trust

Collecting Born Digital Archives at the Wellcome Library

Chris Hilton and Dave Thompson discuss plans for work with born digital archival material at the Wellcome Library.

issue50 January 2007

archives, born digital, cataloguing, cd-rom, collection development, copyright, data, dcc, digital archive, digital curation, digital preservation, digital preservation coalition, dissemination, dublin core, edrms, fedora commons, framework, html, infrastructure, interoperability, jpeg, metadata, mets, microsoft, mla, ms word, premis, preservation, preservation metadata, provenance, repositories, research, standards, university of oxford, wellcome library

Email Curation: Practical Approaches for Long-term Preservation

Dave Thompson reports on a two-day conference on Email Curation organised by the Digital Curation Centre.

issue48 July 2006

archives, bbc, british library, curation, data, dcc, digital curation, foia, framework, infrastructure, intellectual property, loughborough university, metadata, preservation, privacy, research, social networks, university of edinburgh, university of oxford, visualisation, w3c, wellcome library, xml
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