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Fiona MacLellan

Fiona MacLellan
Academic Librarian
University of Northampton

Fiona MacLellan is an Academic Librarian for the University of Northampton, with responsibility for the Schools of The Arts and Science and Technology. She has research interests in Reading Groups in a HE setting and referencing systems affecting reading comprehension and fluency.

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November 2012

Articles by this author

Number of Ariadne articles written (or co-written) by this author: 3.

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Book Review: Fundamentals of Collection Development and Management

Fiona MacLellan reviews the third edition of Peggy Johnson’s text focusing on a key area for libraries: collection development.

issue73 February 2015

american library association, collection development, digitisation, open access, preservation, repositories, research, sconul, university of northampton

Book Review: Using Mobile Technology to Deliver Library Services

Fiona MacLellan reviews a practical guide to mobile technology and its use in delivering library services.

issue70 November 2012

augmented reality, bibliographic data, ebook, licence, mobile, mobile phone, qr code, research, rfid, sms, university of northampton

Book Review: Mob Rule Learning

Fiona MacLellan reviews a book which discusses the current unconference phenomenon and highlights the learning opportunities that these environments offer.

issue69 July 2012

archives, blog, hashtag, research, search technology, twitter, university of northampton, web resources
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