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Jason Cooper

Dr Jason Cooper
Middleware and Library Systems
IT Services
Loughborough University

Jason is a member of the Middleware and Library Systems Team at Loughborough University. Dr Cooper maintains a number of key Library systems as well as developing middleware solutions for the University.

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July 2014

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Developing a Prototype Library WebApp for Mobile Devices

Jason Cooper and Gary Brewerton describe the development of a prototype WebApp to improve access to Library systems at Loughborough University for mobile devices.

issue71 July 2013

adobe, ajax, android, apache, api, apple, authentication, blog, browser, cache, cataloguing, content management, cookie, css, data, framework, google, google books, html, html5, ipad, iphone, itunes, java, javascript, jquery, json, library management systems, local storage, loughborough university, metadata, mobile, native app, native apps, open source, passwords, perl, restful, rss, standards, tablet computer, url, vocabularies, w3c, web app, web browser, web development, widget, xhtml, xml

Integrating Journal Back Files Into an Existing Electronic Environment

Jason Cooper describes how Loughborough University Library integrated a number of collections of journal back files into their existing electronic environment.

issue56 July 2008

archives, browser, cataloguing, data, database, dspace, dublin core, institutional repository, jisc, jisc collections, library management systems, licence, loughborough university, marc, metadata, moodle, open source, openurl, passwords, perl, repositories, schema, search technology, sfx, url, xml, xml schema, z39.50

Redeveloping the Loughborough Online Reading List System

Jon Knight, Jason Cooper and Gary Brewerton describe the redevelopment of Loughborough University’s open source reading list system.

issue69 July 2012

access control, ajax, api, archives, authentication, bibliographic data, blog, cache, chrome, cookie, data, database, digital library, e-learning, framework, gnu, google, google books, gpl, harvard university, html, javascript, jquery, json, library management systems, licence, loughborough university, metadata, microsoft, moodle, mysql, open source, perl, refworks, restful, schema, shibboleth, soap, software, sql, standards, web browser, xml, z39.50, zip

Visualising Building Access Data

Gary Brewerton and Jason Cooper describe how the imposition of visitor access control for safety purposes was developed into a useful management tool to measure library building usage.

issue73 February 2015

access control, ajax, api, blog, browser, data, database, higher education, html, html5, internet explorer, javascript, jquery, json, library management systems, loughborough university, mobile, perl, sconul, vocabularies, w3c, web app, xhtml
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