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Jon Knight

Dr Jon Knight
Library Systems Developer
Loughborough University

Dr Jon Knight works for several departments at Loughborough University, including the Library. He has been involved with digital libraries and library systems for approximately 20 years.

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June 2012

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Number of Ariadne articles written (or co-written) by this author: 16.

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A Knight's Tale: Networked CD-ROM Redirectors

Jon Knight describes how MSCDEX.EXE and networked CD-ROM redirectors can introduce difficulties when using Windows 95 and NT to provide access to library CD-ROMs.

issue14 March 1998

cd-rom, linux, microsoft, operating system, samba, software, standards, url, windows

ACORN Implemented

Jon Knight and Richard Goodman describe the technical implementation of the ACORN system.

issue10 July 1997

acorn, adobe, ansi, authentication, browser, copyright, data, database, elib, html, identifier, infrastructure, linux, loughborough university, microsoft, ocr, opac, operating system, passwords, perl, programming language, samba, software, solaris, sql, standards, talis, telnet, web browser, windows

Cashing in on Caching

Jon Knight and Martin Hamilton describe Caching, possibly the most crucial tool available to frequent Web users, and point out why libraries should be aware of it.

issue4 July 1996

access control, browser, cache, cd-rom, copyright, data, database, ftp, gopher, html, hypertext, infrastructure, intellectual property, jisc, loughborough university, mailbase, ncsa, research, search technology, software, url, web browser

From the Trenches: HTML, Which Version?

In From the Trenches, a regular column which delves into the more technical aspects of networking and the World Wide Web, Jon Knight, programmer and a member of the ROADS team, takes a look at the causes of good and bad HTML and explains what tags we should be marking up Web pages with.

issue1 January 1996

ascii, browser, data, dtd, html, hypertext, ibm, ietf, latex, loughborough university, microsoft, multimedia, sgml, software, standards, tei, url, usability

From the Trenches: Network Services on a Shoestring

Jon Knight describes how Linux is a cheap and useful operating system for library systems units and the like.

issue2 March 1996

apache, apache software foundation, ascii, authentication, browser, cd-rom, database, graphics, html, hypertext, ibm, linux, loughborough university, mac os, microsoft, ncsa, opac, operating system, search technology, software, sql, standards, telnet, video, vt100, web browser, windows

From the Trenches: Networking (Notworking?) CD-ROMS

Jon Knight on the perils and problems of networking CD ROMs.

issue3 May 1996

authentication, cd-rom, data, database, licence, loughborough university, passwords, search technology, software, standards, windows

Handling MARC With PERL

Jon Knight investigates the inner workings of the MARC record's binary distribution format and presents the first cut at a Perl module to read and write MARC records.

issue7 January 1997

aacr2, api, apple, bibliographic data, cataloguing, data, dublin core, elib, ftp, graphics, isbd, library of congress, loughborough university, marc, metadata, multimedia, opac, perl, programming language, research, search technology, software, standards, video, z39.50

Internationalisation and the Web

Jon Knight looks at how the Web is currently undergoing the sometimes painful internationalization process required if it is to live up to its name of the World Wide Web.

issue9 May 1997

ansi, ascii, browser, character encoding, css, doc, dtd, ftp, graphics, html, hypertext, i18n, ietf, interoperability, iso, rfc, software, standardisation, standards, unicode, url, utf-16, utf-8, w3c


Jon Knight investigates what is meant by the current buzzword intranet and looks at how it may be applied in a library environment. A suggestion for a low cost entry level intranet solution is also given.

issue6 November 1996

apache, archives, browser, cd-rom, copyright, data, database, dissemination, free software, html, intranet, licence, linux, loughborough university, opac, operating system, passwords, perl, scripting language, software, web browser

Knight's Tale: The Hybrid Library - Books and Bytes

Jon Knight gives his personal view on the fashionable concept of a 'hybrid library'.

issue11 September 1997

bibliographic data, cataloguing, cd-rom, database, digital library, elib, infrastructure, marc, multimedia, opac, search technology, standards, web browser, z39.50

Making a MARC With Dublin Core

Jon Knight revisits his Perl module for processing MARC records that was introduced in the last issue and adds UNIMARC, USMARC and a script that converts Dublin Core metadata into USMARC records.

issue8 March 1997

bibliographic data, british library, cataloguing, data, dublin core, elib, ftp, html, hypertext, identifier, ietf, ifla, internet explorer, library of congress, marc, metadata, perl, schema, sgml, simple dublin core, software, standards, talis

MCF: Will Dublin Form the Apple Core

Jon Knight looks at how Dublin Core and Apple's new MCF metadata file format might make useful and interesting bed fellows.

issue7 January 1997

apple, browser, cataloguing, data, database, dtd, dublin core, eevl, elib, file format, ftp, html, ietf, jisc information environment, metadata, research, schema, search technology, sgml, sosig, url, vocabularies, web browser

Open Journal Trip Report

Open Journal trip report: Jon Knight visits the Open Journals eLib project to investigate what research they are undertaking into electronic journal architecture and navigation.

issue6 November 1996

browser, cache, copyright, database, elib, html, hypertext, mac os, metadata, operating system, perl, software, sosig, url, web browser, windows

Redeveloping the Loughborough Online Reading List System

Jon Knight, Jason Cooper and Gary Brewerton describe the redevelopment of Loughborough University’s open source reading list system.

issue69 July 2012

access control, ajax, api, archives, authentication, bibliographic data, blog, cache, chrome, cookie, data, database, digital library, e-learning, framework, gnu, google, google books, gpl, harvard university, html, javascript, jquery, json, library management systems, licence, loughborough university, metadata, microsoft, moodle, mysql, open source, perl, refworks, restful, schema, shibboleth, soap, software, sql, standards, web browser, xml, z39.50, zip

Securing HTML FORMs

Jon Knight discusses some of the options available to the designers and implementors of HTML FORMs for providing authentication of users in a library environment.

issue5 September 1996

algorithm, apache, authentication, browser, data, database, html, passwords, plain text, rfc, standards, web browser

Wire: Interview Via Email With Jon Knight and Martin Hamilton

In this interview we question Knight and Martin Hamilton and present their replies.

issue9 May 1997

acorn, archives, browser, cache, cataloguing, cd-rom, data, database, elib, ftp, gopher, graphics, html, internet explorer, java, javascript, latex, linux, loughborough university, metadata, ncsa, oclc, opac, perl, research, resource discovery, search technology, sgml, software, sosig, standards, talis, url, web browser, windows
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