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Kate Sharp
Research Officer
University of Bristol
8-10 Berkeley Square
Bristol BS8 1HH

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Most frequently used terms in this author's articles (ordered by total usage / articles): "url", "data", "cataloguing", "research", "ilrt", "university of bristol", "standards", "sosig", "database", "search technology". See interactive data charts for more details on all tags associated with this author.

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March 1999

Articles by this author

Number of Ariadne articles written (or co-written) by this author: 2.

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Biz/Ed Bulletin: What Do You Want to Know?

Chris Mitchell and Martin Poulter introduce the Advice and Answers section of the CTI Economics Web site; and Kate Sharp explores Green Resources on the Web for Economics and Business

issue20 June 1999

adobe, cataloguing, data, database, dublin core, higher education, ilrt, java, mailbase, research, search technology, software, university of bristol, url

Biz/Ed Bulletin

Kate Sharp and Libby Miller describe Business and Economics Resources on the Internet.

issue19 March 1999

algorithm, archives, browser, cataloguing, copyright, data, database, elib, graphics, html, ilrt, javascript, metadata, research, search technology, software, sosig, standards, university of bristol, url, usability, windows
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