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Leona Carpenter
Programme Manager
Digital Preservation, Shared Services
Development Group
Joint Information Systems Committee

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Most frequently used terms in this author's articles (ordered by total usage / articles): "accessibility", "digital preservation", "preservation", "software", "research", "archives", "jisc", "oais", "metadata", "digital library". See interactive data charts for more details on all tags associated with this author.

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April 2005

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Number of Ariadne articles written (or co-written) by this author: 3.

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Supporting Digital Preservation and Asset Management in Institutions

Leona Carpenter describes a JISC development programme tackling the organisational and technical challenges facing Higher and Further Education in the UK.

issue43 April 2005

ahds, archives, british library, cornell university, curation, daat, daedalus, data, data curation for e-science, dcc, digital archive, digital asset management, digital curation, digital library, digital media, digital preservation, digital preservation coalition, digital preservation training programme, digital repositories, digitisation, dissemination, dspace, e-learning, e-science, ejournal, eprints, espida, fedora commons, file format, foi, framework, further education, higher education, identifier, infrastructure, institutional repository, intellectual property, interoperability, jisc, jisc information environment, kings college london, knowledge management, learning objects, metadata, mets, mets awareness training, oai, oais, open access, open source, operating system, preserv, preservation, preservation metadata, repositories, research, schema, sherpa, sherpa digital preservation, software, standards, the national archives, uk data archive, university college london, university of essex, university of glasgow, university of london, university of manchester, university of nottingham, university of oxford, university of southampton, vocabularies, web services

Accessibility: CHI 2001 and Beyond

Leona Carpenter reports on the key issue of accessibility as covered at the Computer-Human Interaction (CHI) Conference held in Seattle, and also provides a round-up of sources of further information.

issue28 June 2001

accessibility, archives, bibliographic data, browser, cd-rom, digital media, ebook, georgia institute of technology, geospatial data, gis, html, ibm, ict, information architecture, information society, infrastructure, jisc, microsoft, mobile, national library, research, rnib, software, standards, sun microsystems, tablet computer, ukoln, university of dundee, university of wisconsin, url, usability, video, web accessibility initiative, windows


Leona Carpenter gives a personal view of the 'Logged into Economics' conference in Barcelona in June.

issue25 September 2000

algorithm, authentication, browser, data, database, digital library, elsevier, ftp, gopher, london school of economics, metadata, research, search technology, software, standards, thesaurus, tilburg university, ukoln, university of bath, university of surrey, url, xml, z39.50
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