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Mahendra Mahey
Repositories Research Officer
University of Bath

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Most frequently used terms in this author's articles (ordered by total usage / articles): "repositories", "metadata", "data", "research", "software", "jisc", "fedora commons", "application profile", "eprints", "digital library". See interactive data charts for more details on all tags associated with this author.

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October 2008

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Number of Ariadne articles written (or co-written) by this author: 8.

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Why UK Further and Higher Education Needs Local Software Developers

Mahendra Mahey and Paul Walk discuss the work of the Developer Community Supporting Innovation (DevCSI) Project which focuses on building capacity for software developers in UK Further and Higher Education to support innovation in the sector.

issue65 October 2010

accessibility, bbc, blog, data, devcsi, digital repositories, disruptive innovation, eprints, further education, google, google docs, harvard university, higher education, infrastructure, interoperability, jisc, list8d, metadata, oracle, python, rdf, rdfa, repositories, research, software, ukoln, ulcc, university of bath, university of london, video

Towards a Toolkit for Implementing Application Profiles

Talat Chaudhri, Julian Cheal, Richard Jones, Mahendra Mahey and Emma Tonkin propose a user-driven methodology for the iterative development, testing and implementation of Dublin Core Application Profiles in diverse repository software environments.

issue62 January 2010

application profile, archives, blog, cerif, cetis, data, data model, database, dcap, dcmi, digital repositories, domain model, dspace, dublin core, dublin core metadata initiative, e-government, eprints, fedora commons, framework, frbr, geospatial application profile, geospatial data, gis, gnu, higher education, identifier, iemsr, images application profile, information architecture, institutional repository, interoperability, jisc, jisc information environment, lmap, metadata, metadata model, oai, oai-ore, open access, open archives initiative, open source, opendoar, rdf, repositories, research, resource description, ruby, schema, scholarly works application profile, search technology, software, standards, sword protocol, tbmap, ukoln, university of bath, uri, usability, virtual research environment, vocabularies, wikipedia, xml

A Bug's Life?: How Metaphors from Ecology Can Articulate the Messy Details of Repository Interactions

R. John Robertson, Mahendra Mahey and Phil Barker introduce work investigating an alternative model of repository and service interaction.

issue57 October 2008

archives, bibliographic data, blog, bpmn, business process modelling, cetis, creative commons, d-lib magazine, digital library, dissemination, dspace, dublin core, e-learning, eprints, fedora commons, flickr, identifier, institutional repository, internet explorer, jisc, jisc information environment, metadata, oai, oai-pmh, open access, preservation, repositories, repositories research team, research, sherpa, social networks, software, sword protocol, ukoln, uml, university of bath, university of strathclyde, web 2.0

Book Review: Against the Machine

Mahendra Mahey reviews a book which examines popular Internet culture and how it may be having negative effects on many of us.

issue57 October 2008

bbc, bibliographic data, blog, facebook, google, intute, metadata, repositories, research, resource discovery, search technology, social networks, ukoln, university of bath, video, web 2.0, web resources, wikipedia, youtube

Open Repositories 2008

Mahendra Mahey reports on the third international Open Repositories 2008 Conference, held at the School of Electronics and Computer Science, University of Southampton in April 2008.

issue56 July 2008

aggregation, api, archives, atom, bibliographic data, blog, content packaging, copyright, cornell university, data, data model, data set, digital curation, digital preservation, digital repositories, drm, dspace, eprints, facebook, fedora commons, flickr, framework, graphics, handle system, icalendar, identifier, institutional repository, intellectual property, interoperability, iso, jisc, jisc information environment, mashup, metadata, mets, national library, national library of australia, oai, oai-ore, open access, open archives initiative, open source, persistent identifier, plone, preservation, repositories, research, ruby, rutgers university, search technology, social networks, software, standards, sword protocol, syndication, tilburg university, ukoln, university of bath, university of cambridge, university of oxford, university of southampton, university of york, video, web services, xml

ECDL 2007

Mahendra Mahey, Emma Tonkin and Robert John Robertson report on the 2007 European Conference on Research and Advanced Technology for Digital Libraries, held in Budapest, Hungary, over 16-22 September, 2007.

issue53 October 2007

accessibility, aggregation, cetis, controlled vocabularies, data, database, dcc, dcmi, digital curation, digital library, digital preservation, digital repositories, dspace, ebook, framework, identifier, information retrieval, information society, infrastructure, interoperability, iso, jisc, jisc information environment, library management systems, linux, medical subject headings, metadata, multimedia, ocr, ontologies, operating system, preservation, repositories, research, search technology, software, tagging, thesaurus, ukoln, university of bath, university of glasgow, university of liverpool, university of strathclyde, university of wales, vocabularies, web 2.0, windows, wireless, xml

What Is an Open Repository?

Julie Allinson, Jessie Hey, Chris Awre and Mahendra Mahey report on the Open Repositories 2007 conference, held in San Antonio, Texas between 23-26 January 2007.

issue51 April 2007

apache, api, application profile, archives, authentication, blog, browser, crib, data, didl, digital curation, digital library, digital repositories, dspace, dublin core, e-science, eprints, fedora commons, fiz karlsruhe, flickr, frbr, geospatial data, gis, identifier, indiana university, institutional repository, interoperability, massachusetts institute of technology, metadata, microsoft, mpeg, oai, oai-ore, oai-pmh, open access, open source, opendocument, persistent identifier, portal, preserv, preservation, provenance, rdf, repositories, research, sakai, semantic web, software, standards, tufts university, ukoln, university of bath, university of hull, university of minho, university of southampton, university of virginia, university of wisconsin, usability, web 2.0, widget

The Second Digital Repositories Programme Meeting

Julie Allinson and Mahendra Mahey report on a 2-day JISC Digital Repositories Meeting focusing on project clusters working together and other related issues held by JISC in Warwick, UK over 27-28 March 2006.

issue47 April 2006

archives, browser, cd-lor, cetis, claddier, copyright, curation, data, data management, data set, database, dcc, digital curation, digital media, digital object identifier, digital preservation, digital repositories, doi, drm, e-learning, ebank uk, electronic theses, eprints, fedora commons, geospatial data, geoxwalk, gis, grade project, handle system, identifier, iemsr, iesr, infrastructure, institutional repository, intellectual property, interoperability, iri scotland, jisc, jisc information environment, jorum, learning objects, metadata, metadata schema registry, midess, multimedia, oai, oai-pmh, oais, open access, open archives initiative, open university, opendoar, ordnance survey, perx, preserv, preservation, prowe, r4l, repomman, repositories, repository bridge, research, resource management, romeo, schema, search technology, service registry, sherpa, sherpa plus, sherpa romeo, standards, stargate, thesaurus, uddi, ukoln, university of bath, university of hull, university of leicester, university of southampton, university of worcester, uri, web services, wellcome trust, wiki, xml
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