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Peter Cliff
Software Engineer
Bodleian Libraries, University of Oxford

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Most frequently used terms in this author's articles (ordered by total usage / articles): "data", "repositories", "database", "search technology", "software", "metadata", "oai", "data management", "ukoln", "ajax". See interactive data charts for more details on all tags associated with this author.

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April 2010

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Number of Ariadne articles written (or co-written) by this author: 14.

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Review: The Oxford English Dictionary Online

Pete Cliff previewed the electronic version of this standard reference, and gives a user's verdict.

issue23 March 2000

geospatial data, gis, identifier, multimedia, oxford university press, search technology, ukoln, university of bath, university of oxford, url

Review: Online Searching (Library Association)

Pete Cliff reviews the Library Association's guide: Online Searching.

issue23 March 2000

database, resource discovery, search technology, ukoln, university of bath

Review: Building Community Information Networks

Pete Cliff reviews 'Building community information networks: strategies and experiences,' edited by Sheila Pantry.

issue24 June 2000

bibliographic data, resource discovery, ukoln, university of bath, university of cambridge, url

Distributed Computing: The Seti@home Project

Eddie Young and Pete Cliff look at a particularly successful example of a distributed solution to a very large number crunching problem.

issue27 March 2001

algorithm, data, flash, ibm, ieee, internet explorer, research, search technology, software, ukoln, url, video

Digital Repositories: Dealing With the Digital Deluge

Pete Cliff gives an overall view of the multi-stranded JISC conference held in Manchester over 5-6 June 2007.

issue52 July 2007

curation, data, digital repositories, eduserv, eportfolio, eurocris, higher education, institutional repository, jisc, metadata, mis, open access, preservation, repositories, research, science and technology facilities council, search technology, tagging, ukoln, web 2.0, wikipedia

Building ResourceFinder

Pete Cliff looks at how the RDN has utilised the OAI Metadata Harvesting Protocol.

issue30 January 2002

archives, cataloguing, data, database, dublin core, eevl, framework, ftp, further education, identifier, interoperability, jisc, metadata, mysql, oai, open archives initiative, open source, perl, php, repositories, search technology, software, sosig, subject gateway, ukoln, university of southampton, web resources, xml, z39.50

Book Review: Website Optimization

Pete Cliff used to think 'Website Optimisation' simply meant compressing images and avoiding nested tables, but in this he book finds out how much more there is to it, even in the Age of Broadband.

issue57 October 2008

ajax, apache, cache, cool uri, css, framework, google, html, jisc, metadata, microformats, open source, oreilly, rdf, repositories, repositories support project, research, resource description, rsp, search engine optimisation, search technology, semantic web, seo project, software, ukoln, university of bath, uri, video, w3c, wikipedia, wireless

Book Review: Visualizing Data

Pete Cliff considers a new book on data visualisation and hopes one day to implement some of the interesting ideas presented in this work.

issue56 July 2008

amazon, bibliographic data, computer programming, data, data set, data visualisation, database, flash, gnu, graphics, html, java, javascript, json, licence, mysql, open source, oreilly, photoshop, programming language, research, software, svg, ukoln, university of bath, vector graphics, visualisation, xml

Book Review: Programming Collective Intelligence

Pete Cliff tries to remember A-level mathematics as he dives into the fascinating world of machine learning and statistics and how to apply these techniques to Web-accessible datasets.

issue54 January 2008

ajax, algorithm, api, blog, data, data set, python, research, ruby, ukoln, university of bath, web 2.0

Book Review: Principles of Data Management

Pete Cliff takes a look at a new book from the British Computer Society that aims to help readers understand the importance, issues and benefits of data management across an enterprise.

issue53 October 2007

data, data management, data mining, data model, database, document format, further education, html, institutional repository, interoperability, metadata, multimedia, repositories, repositories support project, research, rss, standards, ukoln, xml

Book Review: Digital Literacies for Learning

Pete Cliff reviews a work that challenges traditional notions of literacy and how suggests that new literacies need to be developed to empower both learners and teachers in the digital age.

issue51 April 2007

e-learning, learning management system, research, software, ukoln, university of bath, web 2.0

Book Review: Delete - The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age

Pete Cliff hopes he'll not forget this marvellous book, even when the author seems to suggest it might be better if he did!

issue62 January 2010

data, information retrieval, open access, princeton university, privacy, search technology, software, university of oxford

Book Review: Approximately 97 Things

Pete Cliff learns something new in this 'Open Source' book every time he makes the tea.

issue63 April 2010

bbc, bodleian libraries, creative commons, licence, open source, oreilly, software, university of oxford, wikipedia

Book Review: Ajax in Oracle JDeveloper

Pete Cliff finds aspects of this work useful and interesting, but he also expresses some serious reservations.

issue61 October 2009

ajax, apache, api, atom, cd-rom, database, framework, google, google books, java, javascript, operating system, oracle, php, rss, software, university of oxford, windows, xml
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